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Taco Bell® Nacho Fries Just Got Hotter With New Limited Time Truff Partnership

Southern California brands join forces to bring the heat and test Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries and Loaded TRUFF Fries Burrito

Irvine, Calif. (August 17, 2021) - Last month, the fan-favorite Nacho Fries made its seventh debut to menus nationwide. Now, Taco Bell is spicing things up through a new partnership with fellow SoCal brand TRUFF, the truffle hot sauce brand known for reimagining and elevating pantry staples, to test Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries and the Loaded TRUFF Fries Burrito.

Nacho Fries first changed the fry game back in 2018, disrupting traditional ketchup convention with an industry-rocking Nacho Cheese sauce pairing. Thanks to the flavor masterminds at Taco Bell and TRUFF, the secret remains within the sauce. Taco Bell’s warm Nacho Cheese sauce meets TRUFF’s ultra-unique blend of real black truffles and red chili peppers to create the ultimate flavor experience. This partnership with TRUFF is the first time that Taco Bell has collaborated with another brand on a new sauce.

“We’re always looking for ways to serve up new innovations to our fans, and this partnership with TRUFF takes our beloved Nacho Fries to a new level,” said Rene Pisciotti, Executive Chef at Taco Bell Corp. “TRUFF is rapidly growing and becoming the go-to, luxury hot sauce line, so it makes total sense for us to join forces and bring the world new spicy creations.”

Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries feature boldly seasoned fries topped with steak, TRUFF Nacho Cheese Sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, tomato and reduced-fat sour cream. The Loaded TRUFF Fries Burrito includes all of the ingredients of the Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries wrapped in a warm tortilla.

“We are constantly inspired by Taco Bell’s ability to evolve with pop culture and create conversation-generating experiences, which is why the brand immediately stood out as the perfect partner for our first-ever QSR offering,” says Nick Guillen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF. “Together, we’ve created an unexpected mashup of TRUFF and Taco Bell sauces that is distinctively delicious. We are excited to share this game-changing sauce and elevate the conventions of fast-food.”

The Loaded TRUFF Nacho Fries and the Loaded TRUFF Fries Burrito are both currently testing at only one Taco Bell location (4101 Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660) until August 31, 2021, while supplies last. Both will be priced at $3.49 plus tax and $0.65 for the sauce a la carte, giving fans a new way to indulge at a great value.

Taco Bell’s one-restaurant tests are an efficient way for the brand to get a pulse check on how consumers respond to a product before potentially testing it on a larger scale. Most recent one-restaurant tests include Cravetarian Taco in April and the Naked Chalupa with a Crispy Plant-Based Shell in June.

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TRUFF’s lineup of luxury pantry staples is designed to elevate the dining experience. Originally founded through a popular food and lifestyle Instagram blog called @sauce, TRUFF immediately propelled into social media virality with the release of its hot sauce in 2017. The brand quickly became the fastest growing company in the hot sauce space due to its distinctive flavor profile, pristine bottle, Truffle Inspired cap, and of course the coveted Instagram account @sauce that makes tagging a no-brainer. Taking inspiration from the flagship black truffle experience, TRUFF recently expanded its family of products to include other popular favorites like TRUFF Pasta Sauce, TRUFF Mayonnaise and TRUFF Truffle Oil. You can find TRUFF’s variety of products in stores nationwide and around the world in the UK, Australia, Kuwait, and South Korea. TRUFF is made in Southern California and is gluten-free and non-GMO. Visit www.TRUFF.com for more information and recipes.