• Does Taco Bell delivery exist? If not, gonna need that taco delivery stat, thanks.

    Taco Bell delivers. Repeat. Taco Bell delivers. You asked, so we delivered, delivery. Taco Bell has teamed up with DoorDash® and other delivery service partners to bring you tacos, burritos, and more tacos, on the quick.

  • What is DoorDash®?

    Taco Bell has partnered with DoorDash®, one of the leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplaces, to bring Taco Bell to you. You can order your Taco Bell through the DoorDash® app or online at DoorDash.com.

  • What about for those breakfast and late-night cravings?

    We'll do everything in our power to drop delivery by your location. Still, Taco Bell delivery hours, and the menu items delivered, vary by location.

  • Can I still get all my favorites with Taco Bell delivery?

    You'd better Taco-Bell-believe it! But, there can be unforeseen taco complications, so know that hours and menu items vary by location.

  • How do I report a problem with my Taco Bell delivery order?

    Easy, just contact DoorDash® customer service directly on their app.

  • Ok, so Taco Bell delivers. Why should I try delivery?

    Other than the convenience of delicious tacos and burritos on demand? Well, we do offer limited-time offers when ordering delivery, too. For access to these and other offers as they become available sign up at TacoBell.com.

  • Why is Taco Bell delivery not available in my area?

    Taco Bell Delivery is available in various locations but we are still working to bring Taco Bell Delivery to everyone across the country.

  • Any chance there are Taco Bell delivery discounts?

    Visit TacoBell.com to learn more about the delivery offers and discounts that are currently available.

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