Is it your first time using this new site?

  • Welcome! If you had an account on our old site/app, you’ll need to reset your password. You will also need to update your payment info because we don’t maintain your Credit Card information.

    Taco Bell Cards are another story. Those we do maintain, so your Taco Bell Card balance will carry over. With the new experience, we’re requiring you reset your password. Why? Well, because we didn’t maintain passwords in our new system either. So let’s have a fresh start. If you need help or have any questions regarding your new account, reach out to our Customer Care via Twitter @TacoBellTeam.

What is this new site?

  • For starters, it’s a complete redesign of our old site and app. Pretty cool, huh? But we added some sweet new features to help make ordering a lot easier and a whole lot quicker.

Is there a difference between ordering from the app and

  • No. Not really. It’s more of a personal preference thing.

What are the benefits of placing a or Taco Bell Mobile App order?

  • A lot. But we’ll name a few. You can customize your favorite product just the way you like it, you can browse the menu and search for nearby restaurants. Oh, and of course, you can order and pay ahead and even track your order. Planning dinner for tonight? We got you. Just select your pickup time during checkout and we’ll see you then.

How can I locate a Taco Bell® restaurant?

  • Locating a Taco Bell is easy. You just need to go to locations and search. If you’re using a mobile device, first hit the menu button, then you’ll see the Locations tab. But if you’re in the app, then all you need to do is tap on the pin icon on the bottom of your screen to pull up the Store Locator. You’ll be able to use your current location, or manually enter the location you’d like to search.

What devices support online ordering?

  • The Taco Bell Mobile App is available on any iPhone (iOS9 and above) or Android device (6.0 and above).

  • online ordering is available on any device with internet service and access to one of our supported browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Note: Some device/browser combinations may not support the Taco Bell Mobile App or online ordering features, even if listed above.


Why should I create an account versus using mobile ordering as a guest?

  • If you create an account, you’re ordering just got faster. How, you may be asking? Well, with a registered account, you can not only customize your favorite item, but you can save it and name it to ensure you’re always ordering your “Straight Fire” burrito every time. You also can do other cool things, like, view your order history and quickly reorder your previous order, save and name your favorite locations, and save your debit/credit cards and Taco Bell Cards.

Do I have to have an account to order from the Taco Bell Mobile App or

  • Nope. You can easily place an online order by checking out as a guest. But if you find yourself having serious FOMO and would like to save your order details or payment info after checkout for a quicker checkout next time around, just make an account and save your order info. And then you can bask in all the registered account glory.

How do I check my order history?

  • Simple. Go to the “Orders” tab in My Account. Here, you can see everything you’ve ordered through your Taco Bell account. You’ll be able to add your past orders to your cart can also reprint order receipts if necessary.

Where is my credit/debit card info stored?

  • Please check out our Privacy Policy here.

What do you do with the info I provide?

  • Please check out our Privacy Policy here.

I can’t log into my account. What do I need to do?

  • Well, that’s not good. First, double check to make sure your login information is correct. If you’re sure everything is correct then hit the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the instructions to reset your account password so you can get back to the good stuff.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

  • Not a problem. It happens to the best of us. To reset your password, please click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have a mobile phone number in your account, you can also reset your password via SMS text.

How can I log out of my account?

  • Easy. Try the following based on whether you’re wanting to logout of the app or

    • App: Go to “My Account” and tap on the “Sign Out” button at the bottom of the page.
    • (on desktop): Click on your account name at the top right of the page, and then hit “log out” in the upper right corner
    • (mobile web): Tap on the Menu button in the top left of your screen, then tap “Log Out” at the top of the menu

How do I transfer my account info if I get a new phone or device?

  • Your account goes wherever you go. All you need to do is simply download the Taco Bell Mobile App on your new phone and log into your account. You can also access your online ordering account on

What’s the difference between my account and my Taco Bell Mobile App account?

  • There isn’t one. You have a Taco Bell account. Meaning, your account on the app, is the same on

How can I update my profile?

  • Update your profile any time under “My Account”.

    • To access My Account on the Taco Bell Mobile App, click on the user icon at the bottom of the screen
    • To access My Account on, click the user icon on the top right of the page
    • Note: If you’re using the browser on a mobile device, you’ll want to tap the Menu button at the top left of the screen, and then hit “My Account”


When is the new loyalty program launching?

  • The new loyalty platform will be available beginning in late July only through the app.

What is Taco Bell Rewards and how does it work?

  • It’s Taco Bell’s new customer loyalty program. It’s pretty simple – when you order eligible purchases through your Taco Bell app account for “Drive-Thru”, or “In-Store”/“In-Restaurant”, you’ll earn points to unlock discounts and special offers.

How many points will I earn for each qualifying purchase?

  • You’ll earn 10 points per eligible dollar spent based on your order subtotal (excluding taxes and discounts.). You receive your first reward when you’ve earned 250 points.

    If you hit 2,000 points in a calendar year, you’ll get promoted to “Fire Tier” where you’ll earn 11 points per eligible dollar spent and get access to even more reward options. Pretty sweet, right?

How many points do I need to earn a reward?

  • 250 points.

Will I earn points when a third-party service is used for delivery or pickup?

  • No, points are not earned when a third party is used for pick-up or delivery.

Where can I find my rewards status information and track my progress?

  • Open the app and tap the “Rewards” giftbox icon at the bottom of the screen. That will bring you to your Rewards dashboard.

    Here, you can track your progress towards your next reward. If you tap the My Rewards button, you can check to see if you have any current rewards hanging out.

    Once you place and pick up your order, you should see your points added shortly after. But it can take up to 48 hours, so…be patient ;)

How do I keep track of past points and rewards?

  • Head to the Rewards dashboard and tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. Click the “My History” tab and you can see when you earned points, rewards, and redeemed a reward.

Do Taco Bell points and rewards expire?

  • Yes.

    Your points expire 6 months after the calendar month in which you earned them, unless they are converted into a reward. For example, if you earn 50 Points on March 21, those 50 Points will expire on October 1 if you do not earn a Reward by October 1.

    Your rewards expire on the 31st day after they are posted to your account, unless you redeem the reward.

What are Taco Bell "Challenges"?

  • Challenges are a way to earn EXTRA points and rewards. If you place an order that meets the challenge’s requirements, the extra bonus points will be earned automatically once the purchase is complete.

    Current Challenges can be found on your Rewards Dashboard by tapping the “Challenges” button.

How do I redeem a Taco Bell reward?

  • Just log into your account on the Taco Bell app, tap “My Rewards” and select the one you’d like by tapping “Redeem”. How easy is that?

    If you have more than one option for a type of reward, you’ll be presented a list of options to add to your cart.

    If you’ve added a reward but change your mind, just tap “Remove” and the unredeemed reward will go back to where it was.

    You can also swap one reward with another just by tapping “Redeem” on the choice you would like instead. You’ll be prompted to confirm the change, and once you do, the new reward will appear in your cart.

    Please note you are only able to redeem one reward at a time and only through the Taco Bell app. Nice try, though.


Is my "Fire" tier status permanent?

  • It’s not permanent, BUT once you achieve Fire status, your status will last until the end of that year, plus one full year after that. To keep Fire status for the year after that, you’ll need to earn enough points again. But keep in mind that since the loyalty program is just in a beta phase for now, the loyalty program may end earlier.

What do I do if I have any questions about my order or rewards?

  • Go ahead and fill out the Contact Us form here , or send us a DM at @TacoBellCare on Twitter or at Taco Bell on Facebook and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What does "BETA" mean?

  • It’s just a fancy way of saying “test.” We’re letting the public try the test version of our app and start earning rewards right away. Download the app, accept the program’s terms, and start earning rewards today. It also means that the loyalty program may only be around for a limited time and we may make changes to the program along the way.

What rewards are included in each tier for earning 250 points?

  • Hot: Bean Burrito, Chips & Nacho Cheese Sauce, Cinnamon Twists, Crunchy Taco or a Medium Fountain Drink. (Plus a birthday surprise)

  • Fire!: Bean Burrito, Chips & Nacho Cheese Sauce, Cinnamon Twists, Crunchy Taco, Medium Fountain Drink, Chalupa Supreme, Doritos® Locos Tacos, Nachos BellGrande®, or a Regular Mountain Dew Baja Blast® Freeze. (Plus a birthday surprise)


Will I receive any notifications if I sign up for an account?

  • Yes. By default, you’ll receive updates on the status of your online order like when your food is being made and when it’s ready

  • You’ll also receive a notification if any updates have been made to your account information, for security purposes.

What other notifications are there?

  • We knew you loved us. At any time, you can choose to opt-in to receive marketing updates so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest Taco Bell news, offers, and promotions.

Can I receive notifications via SMS text?

  • You sure can. To enable notifications on your mobile device, you will first need to add a phone number to your account. To do this, go to My Account and choose the “Profile” tab. You’ll be able to edit your account info, including adding a phone number. Once you’ve added a phone number to your account, you will be able to opt-in to any eligible SMS text notifications under the “Notifications” tab in My Account.

How do I opt-out of receiving notifications?

  • It’s not you, it’s us kind of thing. Huh? It’s okay, we get it. If you really want to opt-out from receiving notifications, log in to your account and navigate to the My Account section. Click on the “Notifications” tab and deselect the specific notification(s) you would like to opt-out of. Or text STOP to 69740 (you will receive a confirmation text). If you text STOP, you will be opted out of receiving all text/SMS messages from us (note that you will no longer receive transactional texts messages like receipts and order information).

  • If you are opted in to our marketing emails and you click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a marketing email, you will only be opted out of our marketing emails (and will still receive our transactional emails). If you are opted in to order update emails and you click on the unsubscribe link in an order update email, you will only be opted out of receiving order update emails. We’ll miss you.


How do I pick up my order once I arrive at the restaurant?

  • If you chose "In-store" during checkout, look for the online order pickup sign hanging above the counter. Just skip our line inside, tell us your name, and we should have your meal ready to go. Enjoy!

  • If you chose "Drive-Thru," just pull up to the drive-thru speaker and tell us the name of who placed the order. We'll quickly pull up your order to verify it with you on the drive-thru screen. Once you confirm it is your order we’ll start preparing your order immediately.
  • If you’re choosing to “Pay at Pick Up”, then just jump in the line and let the cashier know you placed an online order. They’ll quickly pull up your order for payment and get you checked in.

When do you start making the food for my mobile order?

  • Freshly made food is always the best food. That’s why we won’t begin making your food until a few minutes prior to your chosen pickup time if you’ve chosen to pick up your order in store. If you’ve chosen pick up your order in the drive-thru, then we’ll begin making your food when you check in at the speaker box.

How does the Pick-Up Timer work?

  • Pick-Up Time allows you to choose when you’d like your order to be ready later in the day.

Do I have to pick up the food at a specific time?

  • Short answer- yes and no. If you’ve selected to pick up your food “Now” and are also picking it up In Store, then we’re probably already making your food. So what are you waiting for? Get going! But if you chose a later time and are still picking up In Store, then you’ll want to arrive at the time you selected.

  • If you’ve selected to pick up your order in the Drive-Thru, well, then you can kind of just roll up at any time during open hours and check in at the speaker box.
  • Keep in mind that if you order breakfast items, you must pick them up before 11 A.M. Also, black beans and romaine lettuce are only served from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M., and Happier Hour is 2pm – 5pm.

Can I edit my order after I submit it?

  • We’ll do all the thinking for you. Depending on what you chose during checkout for your pick up time and pick up method, you may have edit options available in your order tracker. If you don’t see the edit button, then we’re already making your food. But if you made a mistake, feel free to call our customer service at 1-800-TACO-BELL (1-800-822-62355) and we’ll try our best to help resolve the matter.

  • Unfortunately, guest don’t have any edit options in their order tracker.

Can I cancel my order?

  • Yes, usually. To cancel the order, just hit the “Cancel Order” button in the Order Tracker, and then confirm the cancellation. The cancellation is then requested and may take a few minutes to complete. The cancellation will remain requested until it is confirmed and then a refund will be triggered.

  • Note: You will not be able to cancel your order once the restaurant has started to prepare your order. So if you’ve already paid and selected “Now” and In Store, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to cancel because we’re already making your food.

How do Favorites work?

  • Favorites are awesome. They allow you to save your favorite items (with your customizations), your past orders, and your most frequented Taco Bell locations to make your future ordering experiences even easier.

How does “Fast Favorite” work?

  • “Fast Favorite” allows you to designate one of your favorite orders so that it can be quickly reordered the next time you use the Taco Bell Mobile App.

How do I set up my “Fast Favorite”?

  • You can either set it on the confirmation screen after check out, or you can always set it in the Favorites category and in your Order History.

How do I order my “Fast Favorite”?

  • There’s a couple ways to do so. You can hard-press the Taco Bell App Icon on your phone and choose “Fast Favorite”, or you can hit the “Fast Favorite” button on the main menu of the Taco Bell Mobile App. But if you’re on, then you’ll see the “Order Fast favorite”


How can I customize and make food the way I want it?

  • We've made it easy so that you're in the driver's seat. We’ve highlighted the most popular upgrades for every product. Just hit the “Customize” button to unlock the full potential of your taste buds. You’ll have every customization available at your fingertips and can fine-tune your creation by adding or removing ingredients. You can also choose “Extra” or “Easy” for most add-ons.

  • Already in the cart and forgot your guacamole? Not a problem. Just tap the item that’s needing that guac and hit the “Edit” button to add to your customizations or hit the “Customize” button if the item doesn’t have any customizations yet.
  • Note that the total price of your item will reflect the amount of customizations you add to your item.

Why are certain items not available to order in the app?

  • Certain items are not available nationwide. But as we make improvements to the menu, we will be making it a more localized menu so you can order everything that is available in your nearest restaurant.


How can I pay for my order in the app?

  • You can pay for your order with:

    • Debit or credit cards
    • Taco Bell Cards
    • Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Visa Checkout

How can I add or delete a credit/debit card?

  • To add a credit/debit card, go to the “Payments” tab in My Account, and hit the “Add Credit Card” button.

  • To delete a credit/debit card from your account, go to the “Payments” tab in My Account, and tap the “X” in the upper right corner of the credit card info box. A pop-up will display asking you to confirm the card deletion. Select “Yes, Delete Card” to delete the card.

How can I change the information for my credit/debit card?

  • Go to the “Payments” tab in My Account. Select the “Edit” button for the credit card you wish to edit. After making your changes, select “Update Credit Card”.

Can I pay with a Taco Bell® Card?

  • Of Course! To add a Taco Bell Card to your account, go to the “Payments” tab in My Account, and click “Add Taco Bell Card”. Then during checkout, just select that card for payment.

Can I pay with a Taco Bell® Card as a guest user?

  • Sure can! When checking out as a guest, just enter the payment information during the ordering process. The order amount will be deducted from your gift card balance and your gift card will NOT be converted to a digital gift card.


Does Taco Bell offer vegetarian friendly options?

  • Yes, we are actually the first quick-service restaurant to offer American Vegetarian Association (AVA) certified vegetarian food. And, people love it! We sell 350 million vegetarian(1) items a year and about 7 percent of all items ordered at Taco Bell are either vegetarian-friendly, or made vegetarian-friendly by some type of substitution or removal. Some of our most popular are the classic Bean Burrito, 7-Layer Burrito, Power Veggie Bowl and Breakfast Soft Taco with Egg and Cheese. Plus, you can customize almost any item on our menu by replacing meat with beans – for a total of 5.7 million different combinations!

Are your beans vegetarian?

  • Yes! In fact both of our beans – black beans and refried beans – are certified vegan (2) by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

Does Taco Bell offer food that is made with no gluten containing ingredients?

  • Our Power Menu Bowl and Black Beans & Rice are among the options made without gluten. Since everything at Taco Bell is made-to-order, it’s easy to customize many items to fit your lifestyle. For example, replacing the flour tortilla in our Chicken Soft Taco for a crunchy taco shell accommodates a made-without-gluten diet. All our food is prepared in a common kitchen with food that contains gluten. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend our made-without-gluten options for customers with celiac disease. For the entire list of Taco Bell ingredients, as well as our complete list of menu information on food allergies and sensitivities, please visit our nutrition page, available here.

I have specific food allergies. What can I eat at Taco Bell?

  • Peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish are not used in regular menu items served at Taco Bell restaurants. However, these regular menu items may be produced in common manufacturing facilities that do produce products with peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. These allergens may be used in Test and Limited Time Only ("LTO") offerings in certain locations. We have a user-friendly allergen tool available on our website to help you customize meals to meet your dietary needs. It lists the ingredients that are prepared with other common allergens, such as eggs, milk, wheat, or soybean. It also lists ingredients that some people may have sensitivities to, such as gluten or MSG. More information about your individual needs is available here.

Where can I find the nutritional facts for my order?

  • Right here. We want you to have full nutritional information for any item on our menu including calories, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber and protein. And, check out our nutrition calculator to find out the nutritional breakdown of your customized order.

How can I enjoy balanced options at Taco Bell?

  • It’s easy. And, you don’t have to compromise on the flavor and value you love and expect from Taco Bell. For example, nearly 3/4 of our menu items are less than 500 calories. And for breakfast, over 1/2 of our menu is less than 400 calories. For those who are concerned about calorie or fat intake, you can customize your food “Fresco style” – which replaces cheese, mayo-based sauces, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole with freshly prepared pico de gallo, at no additional cost. This can provide about a 25 percent reduction in fat. For some of our personal favorites, check out our signature Fresco menu, which offers 7 items made Fresco style, all less than 350 calories and 10 grams of fat. Our Power Menu™ delivers on big flavor, with burritos and bowls packed with high-protein all under 510 calories. For more information about the choices and options we offer, dig into our here and check out how we’ve built a menu that’s fitting for you, plus the person next to you.

What are Taco Bell’s food safety procedures?

  • As a leading food brand, food quality and safety is our top priority, and we are proud to say we have industry-leading food quality standards. We don’t believe food safety is a competitive advantage, so we’ve partnered closely with all our suppliers, industry experts, government regulatory groups and even our competitors to continue to improve on food safety procedures that happen from the farm all the way to the restaurant.

Does Taco Bell use artificial colors and flavor in its food?

  • No. As part of our journey to evolve and meet the changing tastes and preferences of you – our customers – we have removed all artificial flavors and colors from our food, replacing them with natural alternatives. These simplifications impact more than 95 percent of our menu, not including beverages and co-branded items. We’ve also removed other additives such as added trans-fat, and replaced unsustainable palm oil with sustainable, RSPO-certified palm in our food. The best part – these changes will have no impact on the taste. It’s important that our food is food you feel good about eating, while still delivering those big, bold flavors and unexpected combinations that make us unique. For more information about our commitment to simpler ingredients, click here.

 What’s in your beef and how is it made?

  • We use 100 percent USDA premium beef in our seasoned beef. We prepare it much the same way you prepare taco meat at home: after simmering, it is drained of excess fat and pre-seasoned with our signature blend of 7 authentic seasonings and spices. It is then packaged with added water to lock in the flavor and for added moisture, and then shipped to our restaurants. Each of our restaurants prepares our beef following the same steps - ensuring that you’re getting the same great tasting seasoned beef, no matter which of our restaurants you visit.

Where does your chicken come from?

  • All of our chicken is USDA inspected and supplied by domestic farms that operate according to industry standard animal welfare guidelines. We source our chicken from farms similar to what you would purchase at your local grocery store, like Tyson Foods.

Where do your ingredients come from?

  • We buy many of our ingredients from the same brands that you see in the grocery store and your kitchen: for example, lettuce from Taylor Farms, tortillas from Mission, Hass avocados from Mexico and poultry from Tyson. We’ve had long-standing relationships with all of our suppliers to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards for food quality. All of our ingredients are certified by the Food and Drug Administration, under the GRAS provision. To learn more about GRAS ingredients please visit,

How can you afford to sell food at such a low price?

  • When you buy a lot of anything, you usually get a pretty good deal on it. And that’s the case with our food. Taco Bell is one of the largest beef and fresh produce purchasers in the U.S. We serve 290 million pounds of 100 percent USDA premium ground beef each year, and over 190 million pounds of produce! And as part of Yum! Brands, one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, we are able to buy in bulk and secure lower prices, which we pass along to you.

Does your guacamole have dairy in it?

  • No. Our guacamole is made without dairy and is certified vegan (2) by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).


What are your views, positions and certifications?

  • We’ve been busy rallying around what matters to our customers. We’re inspired to be the brand you not only love, but also trust – which is why we’re constantly challenging ourselves to think differently about how we can innovate and evolve our menu, and be more and do more for our customers, team members, communities and environment.

Have a question?

  • We know you love hearing about the latest food innovations rolling out in our restaurants, but we also know that some of you are interested in other aspects of our brand. If that sounds like you – let us know here.


Sustainable Beef

  • You already know that our seasoned beef and steak are fan favorites, whether it’s our Beefy 5-layer Burrito, Beefy Fritos Burrito or Beefy Nacho Griller. For us, it’s not enough to offer affordable, craveable choices – it has to be food you feel good about. We’re committed to bringing you beef in a responsible way, which is why we’ve joined the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB). What does that mean? It means we’re part of a network of beef experts from the supply chain, academia and research, environmental and animal welfare organizations and veterinarians who strive to ensure U.S.-grown beef we source meets our purpose and truly feeds people’s lives with más.

Cage-Free Eggs

  • When we committed to serving 100 percent whole cage-free eggs in all U.S. Taco Bell restaurants, we said we’d do it by the end of 2016. And we did, which made us the first national quick service brand to implement this change. We’re proud our hens are raised in an open environment where they can feel comfortable and display their natural behaviors. Since then, we expanded our commitment to serve 100% cage-free egg ingredients across the core menu, meaning ingredients like our avocado ranch sauce, creamy jalapeno sauce, spicy ranch sauce and creamy chipotle sauce are made using cage-free eggs.

Ingredient Simplification

  • We get that you want big, bold flavors, but you also want food with ingredients you can understand. In May 2015, we announced our commitment to simplify our food by removing artificial flavors and colors, added trans-fat, high fructose corn syrup and unsustainable palm oil from core menu items. Sound like a lot? It is. We made those changes as of early 2016, and we aren’t stopping there. We’re removing preservatives and other additives from our food, where possible, by the end of 2018.

Sodium Reduction

  • Since 2008, we quietly reduced sodium by 15 percent on average across our menu. We’re not done yet. By 2025, we’re pushing ourselves to grow that number by an additional 10 percent. Don’t worry, we’ll still deliver the same bold flavors that you love from Taco Bell.

Certified Vegetarian & Vegan Options

  • At Taco Bell, vegetarians are not an afterthought. We’ve got 50 years in our pocket making a mean bean burrito. And now we’re the first quick service restaurant with a menu certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). We have 13 AVA-certified menu items, 37 vegetarian ingredients (including reduced-fat sour cream and avocado ranch sauce) and 5.7 million vegetarian customizable combinations. Vegans – we even have 27 certified vegan ingredients to choose from, including our black and pinto beans.

Food Waste

  • We and our franchisees serve over 42 million customers each week across our more than 7,000 U.S. restaurants. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of food. With such a large footprint, we recognize our responsibility to make strides towards waste reduction and constantly ask ourselves how we can feed people instead of landfills. Currently, less than 3% of Taco Bell sales are comprised of waste, thanks to diligent team members trained on how to best project and prepare how much food is needed.

Removal of Kid’s Meals

  • While we never advertised directly to children, in July 2013, we made the bold move to remove kid’s meals and toys from our menu – and we were the first quick service restaurant to do so. We’ve since been able to focus on more of the craveable creations you love, in a range of portion sizes and flavors, to meet the needs of all of our consumers.



  • In 2016, we officially launched “Start with Us, Stay with Us”, a platform and mentality to set Taco Bell apart as a category of one through our education and career-building programs. Whether employees want to start with us for a year or stay with us for life, we feel it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re offering benefits and programs that create innovators and leaders for our communities inside and out of our restaurants.


  • We believe in the power of a first job, and know that working at a Taco Bell restaurant is often that all-important first break for many people. A first job has the potential to be the place where life-long lessons are learned, careers are kick started, and passions are realized – and we and our franchises want to help.

  • Through our focus on culture, leadership and education, as well as development and training at every level, Taco Bell and our franchisees are creating pathways for team members to make a positive impact at in the restaurants – and beyond. And we look forward to championing so many more in the years to come. We and our franchisees are committed to hiring roughly 1.5 million youth ages 16-24 over the next 10 years. And by the end of 2022, as a system we plan on adding 8,000 U.S. locations and creating 100,000 new jobs.


  • Whether you start with us, or stay with us we’re committed to opening doors for our people, supporting and celebrating their passions and dreams, and helping them to be more and do more – on the job, in school and beyond.

  • That’s why were also committed to building a workplace where our people want to work and grow. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer, as reflected in the Yum! Worldwide Code of Conduct that we follow. These standards help make sure our team members can work in a positive and collaborative environment. After all, happy team members make the best tasting tacos.


  • For us, a job is more than just a paycheck, which is why we’re constantly investing in our employees through career and educational growth opportunities, including programs that help our employees receive their high school diplomas and pursue post-secondary education passions.


  • Whether you want to pursue a career with us or utilize our career opportunities as a launching pad for your dreams, we want to be a part of your story. Through the Live Mas scholarship, GED certification program, or getting a degree through a network of universities with Guild Education, we want to help our employees pay for school.

Roadtrip Nation

  • Thanks to our partnership with career exploration organization Roadtrip Nation, current and former Taco Bell employees can share their career stories to inspire others. Through this partnership, you can see all of the opportunities afforded to you whether you want to start with us or stay with us. That could be working at your local Taco Bell to put yourself through college, working your way up to Area Coach, or being a part of our corporate team – the possibilities are endless, but why take our word for it? Click here to read the Tacomonials.

Life in the Restaurants

  • We believe in helping our employees get more out of life. Our restaurants strive to live this out through teamwork, exciting new products, and many career opportunities that develop leadership skills with longevity.

Work at the RSC

  • Our corporate opportunities exist to give Más to our restaurants. This Southern California team was recognized by Fast Company in 2017 as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative brands in the world, and we intend to break our own records and continue to never follow the status quo.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

  • We want to make sure the Taco Bell experience is exceptional for everyone who plays a role in how we make our food – including suppliers and subcontractors. We comply with Yum!’s Supplier Code of Conduct, because it’s important we conduct our business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner that aligns with our values.


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

  • Sustainable palm oil is part of our Food for All Journey and clean label development. Currently, we only use palm oil in two of our ingredients (our caramel apple empanadas and Cinnabon Delights). The partners we work with on these ingredients utilize supply chains certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The RSPO is the leading not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization working along the full palm oil supply chain to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil in order to minimize the negative impact of palm oil production on the environment and the communities in which it’s sourced.

Sustainable Packaging

  • Our packaging shows we love our food, celebrate style, and are socially and environmentally conscious. Our paper bags are made from 100% recyclable and renewable raw material sources and are 100% sourced in the United States; we switched to polypropylene (plastic) sides containers from polystyrene foam, and some of our food choices are evolving, too. For example, the Fiesta Taco Salad is moving from a plastic to a paper box and the packaging of our Mini Skillet Bowl is reusable and dishwasher safe.


Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders, creators and innovators. They are our customers, our friends, our families, and our employees – making up 30 percent of our team members. And most importantly, they are our future. In 1992, the Taco Bell Foundation was created with a focus on supporting America’s youth with impactful programs and experiences to help them pursue their dreams. Over the last 25 years, the Taco Bell Foundation has awarded more than $62 million in grants and scholarships focused on education and career readiness, reaching over 3.5 million young adults across the country.

The Live Más Scholarship Program

  • In 2015, The Taco Bell Foundation launched the Live Más Scholarship, a program aimed at empowering the nation’s next generation of dreamers, innovators and creators – young adults with passions that don’t fall into the “academic” or “athletic” qualifying categories of traditional scholarship programs. This year, the Taco Bell Foundation is awarding $3 million in Live Más Scholarships to young people in our communities and restaurants.

    And the Foundation is not stopping there—it has big plans to award $10 million in scholarships by 2022.



Where can I buy a Taco Bell® Card?

  • Taco Bell Cards are currently available at participating Taco Bell locations and select third party merchants, including Walmart, Target and Walgreens.

How do I check the balance of my Taco Bell® Card?

  • For balance inquiry, go to or call the number on the back of your card. Taco Bell Card balance is also available within the Taco Bell App.

Where can I use my Taco Bell® Card?

  • The Card is redeemable only at participating Taco Bell locations in the United States.

What should I do if my Taco Bell® Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

  • The unused value of a lost, stolen, or damaged Card as shown on our records can be replaced if proof of purchase is provided. To obtain a replacement card, you’ll need to:

      1. Freeze the balance on your card by calling:
      • (855) 822-1247 if your card number starts with a 4 or
      • (888) 999-5605 if your card number starts with a 6,
      • Press *1 to speak to an operator to freeze the balance on your card

      2. Click here to fill out and submit the Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

    What if I don’t have proof of purchase?

    • Proof of purchase is required on lost or stolen Taco Bell Card requests for the protection of the cardholder from theft and fraud.

    Can I get cash back or a refund if I have an unused balance on my Taco Bell® Card? 

    • Taco Bell Cards are not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. The following states (“Cash–Back States”) allow for cash back when your balance drops below a certain amount.
      • Balance less than $1: RI, VT
      • Balance less than $2.50: TX
      • Balance less than $3: CT
      • Balance less than $5: MT, NJ, OR, WA, ME
      • Balance $5 or less: CO, MA
      • Balance less than $10: CA

    I live in Cash-Back State. How can I get cash back or a refund of the balance on my Taco Bell® Card?

    • 1. Freeze the balance on your card by calling:

      • (855) 822-1247 if your card number starts with a 4 or
      • (888) 999-5605 if your card number starts with a 6,
      • Press *1 to speak to an operator to freeze the balance on your card

    • 2. Click here to fill out and submit the Gift Card Service Form. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. 

    I live in a Cash-Back State. How can I get cash back or a refund of the balance on my Taco Bell eGift Card?

    • Just like the traditional Taco Bell® Card, the balance on your eGift Card contained within the Taco Bell Mobile App is refundable.

    • 1. Freeze the balance on your card by calling:
      • (855) 822-1247 if your card number starts with a 4 or
      • (888) 999-5605 if your card number starts with a 6,
      • Press *1 to speak to an operator to freeze the balance on your card.
    • 2. Click here to fill out and submit the Gift Card Service Form.. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

    Does Taco Bell charge a service fee for unused balances on my Taco Bell Card?

    • No, Taco Bell Cards do not have any fees and the value on the card does not expire.


    Can I have my wedding at Taco Bell®?

    • You wouldn’t be the first. We love when our fans want to celebrate special occasions at our restaurants. That’s why we’ve put “weddings” on our menu at our Las Vegas Cantina. Additionally, if you’re interested in getting married at your local Taco Bell, please talk to the manager of your desired Taco Bell location to see what's possible.

    Where did the bell in Taco Bell® come from?

    • His name was Glen Bell, and he opened the first Taco Bell restaurant back in 1962 in Downey, California. Before Taco Bell, he originally owned and operated a hamburger stand called Bell’s Hamburgers in California, built in 1948 on the border of San Bernardino and the city of Colton. Glen opened his first taco stand, Taco Tia in 1954, selling tacos for nineteen cents ($1.66 value today). For more about Glen’s story, check it out here

        (1) Taco Bell defines vegetarian as lacto-ovo, which allows for the consumption of dairy and eggs but does not include any animal byproducts. Please note that in some restaurants we use the same frying oil to prepare menu items that may or may not contain meat. All vegetarian ingredients are prepared by our employees in common with meat ingredients, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian diets. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before is updated. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions and/or product production at the restaurant. Limited time offers, test products, or regional items have not been included.

        (2) Taco Bell defines vegan as recipes that contain no animal ingredients. Please note that in some restaurants we use the same frying oil to prepare menu items that may or may not contain animal ingredients. All vegan ingredients are prepared by our employees in common with foods containing animal ingredients, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegan diets. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before is updated. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions and/or product production at the restaurant. Limited time offers, test products, or regional items have not been included. (3) Fresco means substituting cheese, mayo-based sauces, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole for freshly-prepared pico de gallo.