Black Beans and Rice: The Greatest Unclaimed Band Name

There are a lot of really great, unclaimed band names out there.

For instance, “The Republic of WOW!” unclaimed. “Turkish Bathsalts”, totally unclaimed. “Barry & The Bellbottoms” seems like it totally should be a band name, but despite the odds, somehow it’s totally still available. "Casey Veggies?" Yeah, that’s taken. However, if you really want to reach the heights of your next record’s commercial success, here’s a little secret: “Black Beans and Rice”, from what we understand, is still unclaimed. Crazy right? Not only are you referencing one of the world’s most dynamic food pairs, therefore metaphorically representing the tight relationship between each acoustic guitarist in your two-person folk duo, but you’re also making fans’ mouths water with every silky harmony you croon. “Thank you Cleveland, we’re Black Beans and Rice. Goodnight!” If we were you, we’d start preparing your award show speech now (Just remember to thank Taco Bell).

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