Cinnamon Twists

Cinnamon Twists

170 Cal Nutrition Info
Cinnamon Twists

Eat the Twist

Do the twist. The Cinnamon Twist. Just a simple, innocent, delicious cinnamon sugar snack. Or is it?

Just kidding. That’s all it is. Simple and innocent but equally delicious. It’s a traditional classic, not unlike the classic old-timey dance it shares a name with. Which, we’re totally not dogging by the way for all you old souls out there who enjoy reminiscing a simpler time and doing the twist on a Saturday night. We get it. New dance moves are always the new craze and it goes back for years. Even today we have new dance crazes what seems like almost every other month. It’s funny to think that not too long ago, the twist was actually how people got their groove on, though. Like we said, times were much simpler, but the times weren’t too long ago. Luckily for you, you can still do the twist by getting you some Cinnamon Twists.

But if the saying “history repeats itself” is true, then, well, don’t be surprised if you see people twist and shout and start using the words like groovy and nifty to describe things that people think are cool. Also, don’t be surprised when people now incorporate the classic dance move with Taco Bell’s iconic Cinnamon Twist. Wouldn’t that be a sight? It’ll give the dance move a whole new meaning. Someone, hurry. Get your phone and record yourself doing the twist with Cinnamon Twist. Let’s see how viral this can go. Recording yourself doing the twist, something you wouldn’t see back in the day. But wouldn’t that be funny? You know what’s even more hilarious though? Realizing we used to do the Twist, but now we’re into stuff like the NaeNae and Twerking. Just wait till you have to explain to your grandchildren the Harlem Shake.