Black Beans

Black Beans

50 Cal Nutrition Info
Black Beans
  • Black Beans
    Black Beans
  • Black Beans
    No Black Beans
  • Black Beans
    Easy Black Beans
  • Black Beans
    Extra Black Beans
    110 Cal
Add Ons
  • 3 Cheese Blend
    3 Cheese Blend + $0.45  | Adds 25 Cal  
    On the side
  • Beans
    Beans + $0.30  | Adds 60 Cal  
    On the side
  • Cheese
    Cheese + $0.45  | Adds 30 Cal  
    On the side
  • Chicken
    Chicken + $1.30  | Adds 45 Cal  
    On the side
  • Jalapeño Peppers
    Jalapeño Peppers + $0.40  | Adds 5 Cal  
    On the side
  • Lettuce
    Lettuce + $0.40  | Adds 0 Cal  
    On the side
  • Onion
    Onions + $0.20  | Adds 0 Cal  
    On the side
  • Potatoes
    Potatoes + $0.60  | Adds 45 Cal  
    On the side
  • Seasoned Beef
    Seasoned Beef + $0.65  | Adds 70 Cal  
    On the side
  • Seasoned Rice
    Seasoned Rice + $0.40  | Adds 50 Cal  
    On the side
  • Steak
    Steak + $1.50  | Adds 60 Cal  
    On the side
  • Tomatoes
    Tomatoes + $0.45  | Adds 0 Cal  
    On the side
  • Avocado Ranch
    Avocado Ranch Sauce + $0.45  | Adds 80 Cal  
  • Chipotle Sauce
    Chipotle Sauce + $0.45  | Adds 80 Cal  
  • Creamy Jalapeño Sauce
    Creamy Jalapeño Sauce + $0.45  | Adds 80 Cal  
  • Green Sauce
    Green Sauce + $0.20  | Adds 0 Cal  
    On the side
  • Guacamole
    Guacamole + $0.70  | Adds 35 Cal  
  • Nacho Cheese Sauce
    Nacho Cheese Sauce + $0.65  | Adds 30 Cal  
  • Red Sauce
    Red Sauce + $0.25  | Adds 10 Cal  
  • Reduced Fat Sour Cream
    Reduced Fat Sour Cream + $0.60  | Adds 20 Cal  
  • Spicy Ranch
    Spicy Ranch + $0.35  | Adds 70 Cal  


Protein. Packed.
Good. Delicious. MNMLSM.

Okay, we get it. Black Beans is a true minimalist. Did you notice, that you just read a few words with no vowels in the words at all? Were you able to still understand what was said, or written for that matter? Pretty cool, huh? Unlike Black Beans, our brains are pretty complex. We guess there’s this cool thing our brain can do that if a word is misspelled, like if some letters are out of place, our minds can actually still read it and read the correct word. Fascinating, right. We think this is a similar scenario. Our minds were able to read that MNMLSM is actually minimalism. And TCBLL. Well, that’s pretty obvious Taco Bell.

Let’s do some more. Here’s a game. Try to read the following sentence. Tcbll hs th bst blckbns. Thyr prtty mzng.

How did you do? Were you able to read “Taco Bell has the best Black Beans. They’re pretty amazing”? Yeah? Awesome! No? Well let’s just pretend you did.

You know, Black Beans isn’t called the minimalist for nothing. And we’re talking really minimal. It doesn’t like the frills and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Even though we all know it so rightfully deserves to be the center of attention. Black Beans is pretty humble, but we love that about them. They don’t boast and cause a scene anywhere, but instead just live minimally and enjoy the simple life. You won’t see these beans out in a club, but a nice little kickback at the house is all Black Beans needs. In fact, Black Beans has once been quoted saying it doesn’t need much in life to be happy because it’s all perspective and it’s all about the good company that makes life good. And on that note, you go, Back Beans. Happiness is all around. But it’s especially with a side order of Black Beans.

(finger snaps)