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Strawberry Skittles® Freeze

Strawberry Skittles® Freeze

200 Cal
Strawberry Skittles® Freeze

The Perfect Dream

It was just a dream... until it wasn’t.

It’s hot. Dry. And humid. The trifecta for a mid summer’s day. That loud window fan is trying to cool you off with hot air from outside because mom won’t let you crank the AC down to enjoy an artic chill inside. Oh, and your best friend Bobby is with you too. You’re not really sure why you invited him over in the first place because you’re just irritated with the heat but then Bobby sparks a genius idea.

Bobby suggests taking a visit to the community pool to cool off. And this is why you invited Bobby over. Then you both remember last summer when you got kicked out for splashing too much. But it’s hot and you need to cool off. So you grab your striped towel, sunglasses, and your lucky ball cap hoping it will get you past that lifeguard. Then you both hop on your bikes and start pedaling to the pool.

You’ve arrived at what looks like a mirage. You and Bobby are able to get in with ease and there just so happens to be two lounge chairs open and calling your name. So you claim them. How can this be so perfect? Well, surprise, you’re dreaming and this is where the dream takes a turn for the weird. Because it’s not a dream without a little weirdness.

As you’re lounging in the pool, you feel something cold in your hands. What could it be? You look... and start crying tears of joy. It’s the new freeze from Taco Bell®. Your favorite candy in a freeze - the Strawberry Skittles® Freeze. You’re not sure how it got there. But you’re happy it did because you can now drink your favorite Skittles® flavor. Oh how perfect this day is. Then it gets even better because Bobby does his epic cannonball into a pool of Skittles® candy. They fly everywhere and they rain down on everyone. The lifeguard was even thrilled with the dive and joins in the fun with a synchronized swimming routine.

*Open eyes in confusion*

That was an AMAZING dream you just had, especially the Strawberry Skittles® Freeze part. Luckily for you, what was once a dream is now REALITY. Taco Bell® must be tapping into your dreams or something because, for a limited time, you can now cool off with a Strawberry Skittles® Freeze at your local participating Taco Bell® and give your insides that artic chill that mom won’t let you have in the house.