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Hispanic+Latin Heritage Month

Week 2: Heberto C. – General Manager

To celebrate and honor this month, we're amplifying the voices of those within the Hispanic+Latin community. They will share their journey and experiences that led them to where they are today. Read Rodrigo's story below.

“Moving to the USA, a place where the possibilities are endless.”This was a major turning point for Heberto, a 24-year-old General Manager (GM) in Miami, Florida. He was born in Matanzas, Cuba and came to the United States with his mother at the age of 16. They were now in the “Land of Opportunity;” however, his chances of success seemed far away.Eager to begin working, his first job was at Taco Bell when he was 17 years old. He started as a Team Member – learning the industry, improving his English skills, and never losing sight of the support that he wanted to be for his family. Through that hard work and dedication, it’s no surprise that he became a Shift Lead. He took chances, seized every opportunity, and eventually got involved in a management role which helped him realize how much he enjoyed leading others.

Hispanic+Latin Heritage Month | Heberto C.

“I loved the environment and culture [which gave me] the desire to continue growing in the company. That is why I became a GM… and with the support of all my supervisors.”

When first coming to the States, his English was limited to greetings and a few numbers. “Learning the language was the biggest challenge that I had to face and I’m continuing to face it.” He only sees a positive gain from learning another language though – he’s improving every day and says that his position as a GM helps him as well. “Being a bilingual person will open opportunities in your personal and professional life. It definitely has a big impact on the person I am today.”

With that in mind, Heberto encourages others to lead with their inner desires and never stop building their knowledge just like he continues to do in his own life. “Learning and studying other cultures [here in the U.S.] has helped me appreciate and understand mine even more.”

Heberto’s father, stepmom and two little sisters remain in Cuba. He says that his family is the main source of his inspiration and motivation. Specifically, his two younger sisters for whom he wants to be an excellent role model. His advice to them and anyone else in a similar situation is to make decisions with your people (friends, family, team, etc.) in mind, celebrate big and small wins, inspire greatness and “the most important thing… align passion with purpose.”

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