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EP 23: What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Taco Bell For 30 Days?

Everyone is a fan of Taco Bell, it’s just a fact. But some fans bring their love of the brand to the next level. We like to call them our super fans. And if anyone is a Taco Bell super fan, it’s Sam Reid. Self-proclaimed Taco Bell enthusiast, amateur trick shot artist and former Olympic hopeful, Sam undertook the challenge of eating nothing but Taco Bell for 30 days and documenting his progress on his YouTube channel in a short documentary called, I Ate Nothing But Taco Bell for 30 Days to Improve My Health.

In this episode of Recipe for Restless Creativity, Mark and Sam sit down to discuss the love they both share for the brand, Sam’s learnings from his 30-day feast and so much more. This episode will be a Taco Bell love fest, something fit for only a true Taco Bell fan.

The information in this podcast is being presented for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Please speak to your doctor before starting any diet. Taco Bell did not compensate Sam in any way for creating the documentary and has not independently verified or confirmed Sam’s findings. His experience is his own and not representative of typical results.