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Celebrating Black History Month - Week 3: Kieron S

Making Modern History at Taco Bell and beyond. Check out this week's story to learn how Kieron is doing just that.

At Taco Bell, we believe that we all have the opportunity to drive a positive impact – no matter where or who you are. We also believe that we have people within our Taco Bell family who are making Modern History and will one day be part of the stories we tell for many years to come.

February is Black History Month. What began as a one-week celebration in 1926, has transformed into a month-long celebration of our history filled with stories about Black individuals and communities who triumphed despite incredible odds.

To celebrate and honor Black History Month, every Tuesday in the month of February, we will spotlight one of our very own Taco Bell corporate employees who is making Modern History within the company and/or in their communities.

While we’re telling their stories today, throughout the year, we will continue sharing how our Taco Bell employees across all groups make Modern History; the sharing and celebrating doesn’t stop here.


Kieron S., Customer Care Digital Lead

Kieron started his journey at Taco Bell working in the corporate office mailroom, delivering packages to anyone and everyone throughout the building. From there, he began to find his passion for connecting with people which motivated him to move into his current position as a Customer Care Specialist. Along with working in Customer Care, Kieron is an active member of the Live Más T.A.A.C.O.S. (Thriving African American Communities, Opportunities and Sponsorship) ERG, leading the community pillars, committees, and outreach.

Outside of Taco Bell, Kieron is what many would call a ‘renaissance man,’ taking on several roles and hobbies revolving around music, people, and culture. He has been a musician for over 10+ years, better known as Noreik Thascool, producing “a creative hip hop adventure, riddled with the do's and don'ts of life based on what I have gone through and what we as a community are capable of,” he says. Since starting his music career, he has had the opportunity to travel to 36 states and has even performed at several Taco Bell events! Kieron also hosts a podcast called Soundflick, where he talks about music, movies, and music in movies. Kieron’s music and podcast can be found on Spotify.

Celebrating Black History Month - Week 3: Kieron S

And he doesn’t stop there! Kieron is Vice President of Productive Culture, a nonprofit organization that helps young creatives turn their art into a business by providing workspaces and mitigating costs. Most recently, Productive Culture has coordinated events through their For the Culture program, titled “Essential Saturdays”, that highlight artists while helping raise money for Black-owned business. He also works as the American Disabilities Act coordinator for various music festivals throughout the U.S., helping people with disabilities enjoy their experience and stay safe.

For those who are aspiring to build change and be a part of real progress, Kieron knows what it’s like to strive for more. Here’s what he would tell his younger self and to those who feel the same as he once did: “Your truth is enough. Your lived experience is enough, so be confident in what gifts God has given you. Don’t forget to slow down and be present in the moments.”

In all his efforts, Kieron focuses on uplifting and celebrating people. Whether it’s through a song, event or small conversation, Kieron uses his talents to champion those around him; he hopes to inspire and be inspired.

“Everything I do connects me with people, I have a passion for speaking and everything I do is a different vehicle that allows me to do so. I want to do something that is diverse, inclusionary, that speaks to people's passions, and helps elevate and encourage people.”

Check back every Tuesday this month to see who else is Making Modern History.