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The Road to Freeing Taco Tuesday

In May 2023, Taco Bell took a bold step on behalf of taco lovers nationwide by filing legal petitions to cancel the two Taco Tuesday trademark registrations. The aim was simple: to free the phrase for restaurants nationwide. The message was clear: Taco Tuesday belongs to everyone, from Taco Bell to Taco John’s to your favorite local taco spot. After all, when tacos win, we all win.

In late July, Taco John’s courageously decided to abandon its Taco Tuesday trademark registration. This act will benefit thousands of businesses across 49 states, allowing them to now embrace, celebrate, and champion "Taco Tuesdays" freely.

Supporting the Taco Community

Taco Bell has committed to donating $1 million through the Taco Bell Foundation to support young people who make, sell, eat, and celebrate tacos. Donations made by Rounding Up at checkout on Tuesdays will be matched up to $1 million. These donations will continue to fund the Taco Bell Foundation’s Community Grants and the Live Más Scholarship for fans and team members.