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A Letter From Mark King: Our Stance On Presidential Political Donations

As Americans, our franchisees may personally support the political candidates they wish, but I want to be clear that Taco Bell Corp. does not make donations to presidential political campaigns.

While some news outlets have correctly reported that it was a franchisee who independently contributed to President Trump’s re-election campaign, others have brought the brand into this conversation and erroneously attributed this contribution to me.

Taco Bell is a brand that has never been about politics, but we know our people, especially at the restaurant level, are very diverse, and we are passionate about providing opportunities for them and assuring them our restaurants and our brand are a safe space. And right now, not only are we standing with our people, but we’re also standing with those who have experienced injustices in our society because of the color of their skin. So I want to reiterate our belief in all people and that we do not tolerate discrimination against anyone.

I am committed to fostering inclusion and embracing and supporting diversity in all of its forms. At Taco Bell, we don’t tolerate racism or violence, and we demand inclusivity. As a brand, we are navigating some new territories alongside our franchisees. Our franchise business model is built on a partnership with hundreds of small business owners operating restaurants across the globe.

We are in an historical time and, I hope, on the precipice of real change. I want to make sure the brand is a part of that change and that you, our valued team members, know this and feel proud.

As I said to you just two days ago, I stand with all of you and I am committed to keeping this conversation going with you. Thank you for all that you do, every day.