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Taco Bell® Unveils New “Rules” Campaign With Xolo Maridueña For Cantina Chicken Menu

Xolo Maridueña digs deep on the unspoken rules of the Latino community while enjoying the Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Menu


  • In a new campaign spot, Mexican American actor Xolo Maridueña playfully tackles Latino unspoken rules around food while inviting his friends to enjoy the Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Menu

  • Xolo Maridueña reimagines unwritten rules for enjoying the Cantina Chicken Menu - launched in March of this year as a permanent, nationwide menu - at Taco Bell

Irvine, Calif. (June 20, 2024) – Xolo Maridueña joins Taco Bell in encouraging Latinos to give in to their daytime chicken cravings in an all-new spot, “Rules.” In the film, Xolo brings to light unspoken cultural norms or rules that tie the Latino community together and questions where or who they came from. The campaign builds upon the debut of the new permanent Cantina Chicken Menu offering.

“I’ve always loved how our community can connect so deeply through food and even through these unspoken “rules” - I mean, you know which these are, whether it’s saving the planet one mantequilla tub at a time or using the oven for storage and baking. “That’s why it was so fun to partner with such an iconic Mexican-inspired brand like Taco Bell to bring this concept of ‘Rules’ to life and dig a little deeper at the rules that make up our Latino experience.”

The Spot: Rewriting The “Rules”
In the spot, as the beloved actor Xolo Maridueña is about to enjoy his Cantina Chicken Burrito, he questions if enjoying Taco Bell is going against the “rules” of being Latino. That’s when the character of Marta introduces herself as the scribe of Latino customs and rules, handling a large tome which houses these “reglas”. When she notices the ingredients in the Cantina Chicken Menu, such as the slow-roasted chicken and freshly prepared daily pico de gallo, she creates a new rule for Latinos: “If you like Taco Bell, eat Taco Bell.” Xolo and his friends then ask her if she’s created other unspoken rules for Latinos such as storing pans in the oven and Marta cheekily confirms, in Spanish, that indeed, she’s the creator of those too.

“At Taco Bell, we know that consumers are craving new exciting, bold flavors and we’re committed to continue innovating and bringing them the Mexican-inspired fusions they love, such as the ones we created in our permanent Cantina Chicken Menu,” says Luis Restrepo, Vice President, Product Innovation. “We also know the cultural significance food plays in our Latino consumers’ lives. And as a Latino myself, it was a joy to see Xolo and this campaign of unspoken rules that so many of us grew up with come to life.”

Not Just Late Night Journey
This new “Rules” campaign tackles the misconception that Taco Bell can’t be enjoyed by all, including Latinos. The new permanent Cantina Chicken menu, which debuted in March of this year, features five menu items to liven up lunchtime. The menu debuts a new flavorful chicken that’s been slow roasted with a savory seasoning of Mexican spices including garlic, onions and a variety of chilies. Additional premium ingredients include shredded purple cabbage, white corn tortilla shell, and pico de gallo, freshly prepared daily. The all-new Avocado Verde Salsa, which we see Xolo pouring over his Cantina Chicken Burrito, features tomatillos, green chili peppers, and real avocado pulp.

And the hype for Cantina Chicken doesn’t end here – more exciting Cantina Chicken news is underway as part of Taco Bell’s focus on chicken innovation, as well as on Xolo Maridueña’s social handles. Fans of the brand and/or actor can stay updated on the latest news by following Xolo Maridueña’s Instagram & TikTok, and joining Taco Bell Rewards to receive opportunities for exclusive in-app rewards, event information, merch and more*!

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