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Why is Taco Bell hosting a Taco Tuesday Taco Tab?

Now that Taco Tuesday is free (almost everywhere), Taco Bell wants to say thank you with the Taco Tuesday Taco Tab. This is a HUGE milestone, and as such, it deserves a HUGE celebration. When Taco Bell set out on this journey to liberate Taco Tuesday, we committed to do something big for taco shops large and small; now we’re delivering on that commitment by spotlighting many of them for the biggest Taco Tuesday ever.

We’re doing this by opening a $5 million taco tab on September 12, exclusively through DoorDash, where users can apply code TACOTAB to receive a $5 discount on orders of $15 or more from participating Mexican restaurants. Terms and conditions apply.

How can I participate on 9/12?

Getting in on the action is easy! Join our Taco Tuesday Taco Tab and support your favorite local Mexican restaurant by following the below instructions.

  • On Tuesday, September 12, for one day only, DoorDash users will receive $5 off any $15+ order with participating Mexican restaurants.
  • Visit to check out the full list of participating restaurants.

How many vendors are participating?

The offer will apply at over 20,000 Mexican restaurants, both large and small, across 49 states. You can find the full list of participating restaurants, including those in your local area, on DoorDash at

Is Taco Tuesday fully liberated?

No. Taco Tuesday is officially liberated in 49 states, but not yet in New Jersey. We stand by our belief that no single restaurant should have exclusive rights in the phrase (especially not us). While we are thrilled that Taco John's made the right decision to abandon its registration and make Taco Tuesday accessible to restaurants in 49 states without fear of legal consequences, we remain committed to freeing Taco Tuesday everywhere, including in New Jersey. Because when tacos win, we all win.

How does Taco Bell plan to keep the Taco Tuesday party going beyond September 12?

The Taco Tuesday Taco Tab happening on September 12 is just the beginning of our exciting Taco Tuesday celebrations. We're truly grateful for the incredible support we've received on this journey and have a host of surprises lined up for the upcoming weeks and months on the Taco Bell app with exclusive Tuesday Drops for Taco Bell Rewards members on Taco Tuesdays moving forward. As we count down the days to the Taco Tuesday celebration on September 12, we invite you to stay connected with us through our social channels for all the latest updates! Additionally, we encourage all taco vendors across the states where Taco Tuesday is free to join in on the celebrations!

Is Taco Bell trying to take over the trademark for itself?

No, Taco Bell is not trying to take over the trademark. Quite the opposite–Taco Bell is trying to get rid of the trademark registrations. Taco Bell believes that all across the nation should be able to celebrate Taco Tuesday, without fear of consequences. This is why Taco Bell has sought to cancel the trademark registrations and free Taco Tuesday for all.

Why did Taco Bell decide to collaborate with LeBron James for the campaign to liberate Taco Tuesday?

LeBron James is not only a global icon, but he’s also a big taco fan. We appreciate his love of tacos and celebrating Taco Tuesday that’s become tradition for his family, his I Promise students and families in Akron, and fans around the world. He believes that everyone should be able to celebrate the tradition of Taco Tuesday and that it shouldn’t be owned by anyone - and we agree. We’re proud to have his support as we work to free Taco Tuesday for everyone.