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We Do, How About You?

Remembering the day two Taco Bell® cravings came together in holy moly matrimony.

We are here to celebrate the day we combined a soft-shell taco with cheesy and crunchy nachos. Here’s how it went down: We put red strips inside our classic soft taco, then we added some melty nacho cheese sauce to hold it all together, and voila, the Loaded Nacho Taco. The result is something so complementary, so perfectly paired, no one would dare to object this creation.

The Loaded Nacho Taco is proof we believe in the sanctity of snackage, the union of textures, the happily-ever-after effect of intertwining tastes into something totally brand-new. That’s why we'd like to wish the Loaded Nacho Taco a terrific life in Taco Bell® history—available at participating locations for a limited time.