What A Cool Taco

Like its siblings Nacho Cheese and Fiery, the Cool Ranch® DLT Supreme brings the classic high school cafeteria vibe of America’s favorite triangle chip to the classic Taco Bell goods.

Filled with traditional Taco Bell taco taste, wrapped in a smooth Doritos® Cool Ranch shell, and ripe with pure swagger, it’s like the mature older brother to its other DLT siblings. It’s almost as if this thing got its driver’s permit 6 months early, and just drives around it’s dad’s ‘65 muscle car (which it personally rebuilt with a turbo-charged v-8) while the rest of the tacos just take the bus to school. If this thing were into social media, there would probably be at least one picture of you in its feed...staring blankly in the background of the Cool Ranch® DLT’s on-stage selfie at your favorite music festival. We can’t technically put sunglasses on this taco since they don’t come with the taco, but just know that in our mind, the Cool Ranch® DLT is ALWAYS wearing sunglasses.

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