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What’s In A Name?

Unlike those celebrities who name their babies after fruits, a direction on the compass or a fancy city in a country thousands of miles away… Taco Bell® chose to give one of its most popular Crunchwrap creations a beautiful, yet practical name. It’s called the Triple Double Crunchwrap. Go ahead, say it out loud if you like. TRIPLE. DOUBLE. CRUNCHWRAP. Sounds good… right? With any name, there is always the root of the name. You know, the origin, per se. The root of the name here is Crunchwrap and its origin goes back some years when the Crunchwrap Supreme® was first created. Then there’s prefixes and suffixes. So we added the words Triple and Double to it because the Triple Double Crunchwrap’s name comes from the double layers* you crave most about the classic Crunchwrap Supreme® like seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and that ever popular crunchy tostada shell. But what about the diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and reduced-fat sour cream? Don’t worry… it’s in there too.

*double the layers as compared to the regular Crunchwrap Supreme®.