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The Go-to Goes Farther

You can handle the Grande Crunchwrap. Probably.

Everyone knows the expression “go big or go home”. But have you ever considered why someone couldn’t just do both? What if we told you that the Grande Crunchwrap is the perfect embodiment of going big and going home? Let us explain.

As far as the “go big” part is concerned, there’s no question, the Grande Crunchwrap has undeniable stature. That’s right, it’s got double the layers and 2x the protein* as the original.

As far as the “go home” part is concerned, the Grande Crunchwrap was made to be taken on-the-go. Bringing it back to enjoy in the comforts of your own home is not only a logical choice, it’s the preferred one.

So, decide to go big and then go home after getting your hands on the Grande Crunchwrap, for a limited time at participating locations.

*As compared to the Crunchwrap Supreme®