Fried food: A Culinary Magic Trick

Frying food is like hiring a famous wizard to put a spell on it.

You start with something completely ordinary and unexciting, then magically turn it into your favorite food after only a few seconds. Oh, you don’t believe in magic, huh? Well, would you like a handful of cold potato shavings with your skepticism? No? How about potato chips? Exactly. Do you want this piece of bread shaped like a tire? Gross. Well how about a donut? Boom. This is what you get with the Chalupa: beautiful witchcraft. Take a traditional flatbread, something already awesome in its own right, and fry it. Suddenly you have a shell that mysteriously marries chewy and crispy; pure sorcery. Add seasoned beef, a three-cheese blend, lettuce, tomatoes, and reduced fat sour cream, and you get a Dante-esque culinary anomaly. The only greater fried magic trick known to man is turning arbitrary dough splashes, into funnel cake. Now that is nothing short of a miracle.