Potentially Life-changing Chips and Pico De Gallo

How good are our chips and pico?

Well, how about we answer your question with a question of our own: do you believe in fate? I mean, yes the chips are great chips. And yes our pico is something to sing about. However, we have a story that may answer your question better than any simple adjectives we could rail about here.

Now we can’t really verify this because it’s from a friend of a friend who heard it from a guy he met at a gas station, but apparently a certain ‘80s action-film star owes his entire illustrious career to Taco Bell chips and pico. I’m not going to name names, but let’s just call this tough guy martial arts master “Taco Brad”. Apparently, before his career took off, he was a background actor in a made-for­TV King Arthur-type thing. Well, legend is that one of the grips got the sword lodged too far in the prop stone. After literally everyone on set failed to get it out, including the King Arthur stunt doubles AND the director’s bodyguards, Taco Brad went for it. Not only did he pull it out like a hot knife in butter, he cracked the stone so much that they had to spend the rest of the production money to get it fixed (hence why it became a made-for-TV movie). Now we can’t guarantee any superhuman strength or mythical English royalty inheritance, but if you think that’s just coincidence that he had been eating Taco Bell chips and pico the afternoon before, you’re living in a fantasy.

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