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Make It Your Own

Make itFresco Adds 0 Cal
Make it
Replace dairy and mayo-sauces with pico de gallo

Calling All Explorers

There are hardly any unknowns left in the world. Humans have set foot on every continent. We’ve mapped the ocean floors. Discovered every secret on the Taco Bell® menu. Or so you thought. Creamy chipotle sauce is one such hidden gem we need your help to share with everyone.

As you adventure around the menu, adding creamy chipotle sauce as you go, you’ll soon to be saying to yourself, “Where has this saucy combination been my whole life?” A Chalupa? Add creamy chipotle sauce. How about for nachos, tacos, or burritos? How about yes, yes, and heck yes.

So, go forth, and find your own creamy chipotle sauce go-to at participating locations.