Avocado Ranch Sauce

Avocado Ranch Sauce

240 Cal Nutrition Info
Avocado Ranch Sauce


With your favorite Taco Bell® order

Not so long ago, avocado ranch sauce was at a crossroads. It didn’t quite know where it fit in. You see, the two distinct flavors that make up the sauce—avocado and ranch—have very different roles in the big culinary world.

Avocado had a meteoric rise in popularity in the last few years thanks to its common usage as a topping. Ranch, on the other hand, was more of a reliable dip for any number of foods. So, what was avocado ranch sauce to do? Sit on top? Wait for a dunk? The answer: Yes.

Avocado ranch sauce found its calling. Getting used however YOU see fit as the zesty finishing touch to literally anything on the Taco Bell® menu. Gotta love a happy ending.

Get this creamy crème-de-la-crème on the side or inside your favorites.

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