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Nacho Strategy: Just Get Two

Listen, you know how this is going to go. Crispy chips, nacho cheese sauce, refried beans, and red sauce; you know that whomever you’re with is going to want “just one.” You’re going to look like a selfish friend if you say no, so you’re going to just roll your eyes and say “sure.” And, because it’s the well-tested natural order of things, that one chip will be the one chip that you LEAST want to part with. You know, the chip with that perfect proportion of each specific ingredient. Before you know it, there’s one chip left: the chip at the bottom of the pile, with only a corner covered in cheese and a tiny pinto bean. So what we’re saying is, this vicious path of destruction can be avoided if you just buck up and get a second Triple Layer Nachos for your buddy. Sharing may be caring, but buying two is just friendship survivalism.