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Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa

180 Cal Nutrition Info
Chips and Salsa
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  • Seasoned Red Chips
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Why mess with perfection?

Milk and cookies, puppies, chips and fire roasted salsa, and literally anything… what do they have in common?

They’re all perfect matches. Not downplaying the other good contenders but Chips and Salsa is probably the more notable one of the group we mentioned above. Why, you ask? Great question. We’ll tell you. And if you weren’t asking why, well, guess what? We’re still going to tell you. Chips and Salsa make up the perfection of the two foods that were handpicked by destiny to form the perfect combination of salty and spicy. That’s right. Chips and Salsa are utter perfection. Have you heard someone say they don’t like Chips and Salsa? Probably not. And if you have, well then they’re probably not human. Because we all know you can’t go wrong with chips and salsa. I mean, if you add too much salt, sure you can spoil a perfectly good batch of salsa. But luckily for you, Taco Bell’s Chips and Salsa won’t ever let you down because of its perfection. It’s the legendary fusion of savory and tangy. It’s the perfect mix of awesome and delicious. Chips and Salsa are the ideal complement to any meal, in addition to napkins and the power of friendship. But you knew that already. Chips and Salsa are reliable friends that are just always there and down for whatever. They will never disappoint. They know what you like- it’s them, of course. But they don’t blame you. They’re happy to be chosen by you. Chips and Salsa really know how to pick out good people in a crowd and it looks like you do as well because you can’t go wrong with Chips and Salsa. Seriously. Don’t believe us? You better try it then. Order some Chips and Salsa and tell us all the great choices you’ve made ever since choosing this delightful side. Go ahead. We’ll be waiting.