Wild Strawberry Freeze

Wild Strawberry Freeze

190 Cal
Wild Strawberry Freeze

This Freeze is Fierce

The Wild Strawberry Freeze is here, on its own terms

When a new Taco Bell product comes along, it’s pretty safe to assume we brought it to you. Not the case with Wild Strawberry Freeze. No, the only reason this freeze has arrived is because IT decided to grace us with its presence. This is Wild Strawberry Freeze’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

If there’s a wilder freeze in the whole wide world, we don’t know about it. But, what does the ‘wild’ in the name actually mean? Perhaps the Wild Strawberry Freeze might have something of a wild reputation. An up-all-nighter, partygoer type. Or, maybe the freeze is literally from the wilderness. Undomesticated and totally untamable.

Neither are right. The Wild Strawberry Freeze is a go-getter. It doesn’t rest until the job is done. An entrepreneur. A hustler. In this context, ‘wild’ is most closely synonymous with ‘crazy’. Why? People call it ‘wild’ because they can’t understand how it can be so motivated. It has to be crazy, right? Nope. Wild Strawberry Freeze just lives life to fiercest.

Wait, are we still talking about a freeze? Absolutely. It’s frozen. It tastes like real wild strawberries. However, what’s a freeze without a little personality? Just a Strawberry Freeze. The wild makes it worth your while. Find out if you can face the fierce flavor for yourself at participating locations.

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