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Our Bold Zero Hero

Dear Pepsi® Zero Sugar,

It must not be easy being you. A sugar-free savior with bold taste that’s full of flavor and personality. You should be celebrated. Revered! If we’re wrong, then why does “zero” rhyme so well with “hero”?

Zero is super IN right now. Very “of the moment” you might say. Today’s peeps are all about the big 0. Everyone’s trying to simplify, getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark that happy feeling. Minimalism is mainstream. More is less and less is SO much more. And what better inspiration for that than dear old zero, zilch, nada?

So, consider this your moment of glory, Pepsi® Zero Sugar. You are loved. You are wanted. You. Are. Killin’. It. And we thank you for being you.

With love and appreciation,