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Team Pepsi® 4 Life

Listen, it’s time to pick a side. We don’t want you to feel like we’re pressuring you and trying to persuade you or anything here, but obviously, it’s all about Pepsi®. No question about it.

So the question to you is: are you team Pepsi®? Or are you team other stuff? Before you pick, let us clarify. We’re not talking about THAT other stuff. Please, that little squabble was so yesterday. We’re talking about all that OTHER stuff. Like, being team Pepsi® across the board. Pepsi® vs. dragons? Yeah, we’re team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. flat screen televisions? Duh, team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. memes? Hmmmm. Okay, that’s a close one. Almost got us there. But when it comes down to it, we’re still going to have to go with team Pepsi®. How about Pepsi® vs. the news? Don’t be ridiculous. Is this a serious question? You should know the answer to this: team Pepsi®. Pepsi® vs. laying in hammock on a nice day? Nice try, team Pepsi® prevails. However, we’ll gladly accept the hammock on a nice, sunny afternoon as long as Pepsi® is joining us as well. If it’s one or the other, sorry hammock, no hard feelings. But it’s Pepsi® all the way, bro. Pepsi® vs. the DLT? Whoa, don’t joke about something like that. Lucky for you all, you don’t have to choose between these two. We wouldn’t want to put you in that awkward situation. So just get both the DLT and a Pepsi®. We’ll let it slide this one time for obvious reasons. But just this one time. Don’t get used to being able to choose both in the “this or that” game.

Basically, all you need to know (or all you should know) is that Pepsi® wins every time. Hands down.