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Orange Cream Pop Freeze

Orange Cream Pop Freeze

130 Cal
Orange Cream Pop Freeze

Music To Your Ears

It’s a faint little sound at first, almost pleasant, but far away.

Then it gets closer, and a lot louder. Suddenly that Pavlovian response, deep inside, has you scream out uncontrollably… “ICE CREAM MAN!”

Just then that familiar little white truck rounds the corner of your street and passes right by your house. It’s blasting some kind of distorted “music” over the loudspeaker that immediately reminds you of a bizarre circus you once saw in a horror movie. You dash madly out the front door with a fist full of dollars and loose change. You are racing against your neighbors to be the first one in line. You are all screaming “ICE CREAM MAN!” as the legend himself glances back at you from his side view mirror. A smug little smile hangs on his face. He knows what you’re jonesing for that ever popular orange and cream flavored ice cream pop. He finally begins to slow down the truck about a half mile away and the line begins to form. Sadly, you are nowhere near the front of the line. As everyone suspects, he ONLY has a couple of these left in that little freezer in the back of the truck… and you know there is never a guarantee that your dreams of getting what you crave will be fulfilled.

That is until now. What if we told you that you don’t have to chase down random ice cream trucks anymore? Behold the new Orange Cream Pop Freeze. It fully delivers on that famous refreshing orange and vanilla cream flavor in a magical way that only your friends at Taco Bell® can provide. Want more good news? You can drink your Orange Cream Pop Freeze with a straw, quietly, without the sound of circus music reverberating in the background.

Freezes are made with artificial flavors and contain no fruit juice. Limited Time Only. Price excludes tax