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A Sweet, Tropical Freeze That's Almost Too Pretty To Drink

The Dragonfruit Freeze is pretty much magic

It’s quite possible you’ve never tasted the flavor of dragon fruit before. Actually, we wouldn’t even be surprised if you’ve never even heard of a dragon fruit before. Well, if that’s the case, let us be the first to introduce you to this hidden gem—and our Dragonfruit Freeze.

Take one peek at the pink swirl and you’ll know this drink has got the looks. (We see all of the social media posts posing with one already). Take one sip of this sweet Freeze and you’ll be transported to tropical parts unknown. You might even say that your taste buds were…tickled pink. We’ll see ourselves out.

Grab the Dragonfruit Freeze today (at participating locations for a limited time).

Freezes are made with artificial flavors and contain no fruit juice