Dr Pepper®

Dr Pepper®

240 Cal
Dr Pepper®

Pep in Dr Pepper®

You know that saying “put some pep in your step?” Well, just between us, what they’re really trying to tell you (subliminally) is to put some Dr Pepper® in your step. Meaning, you’re in some serious need for some Dr Pepper® in your life.

We know. Most people think the common overused phrase is for people who are walking slow and dragging their feet. Those who have nothing else to do for the day. You know who we’re talking about. The people who appear so relaxed and look like they’re just lollygagging. And you find yourself saying to yourself (towards these people) “C’mon. Put some pep in your step!” because you have places to be. But hey- good news for both you and the relaxed because those who are slow walkers probably need Dr Pepper® to give them that extra pep. And that Dr Pepper® will sure put the pep back in their step.

How much pep? Well, haven’t you noticed things with the word “pep” in it appear to be way more energetic than those who don’t have the word “pep” in their names? Seriously. Rumor has it there was once a girl named Pep and most people believe she was just a myth, but few believe she was a legend. She had so much energy that she actually never slept. She ran at 100% every single day. How, you ask? No, not because of Dr Pepper®, however she did enjoy drinking it. But because her name was Pep. And as we all know, Pep is a term often used for moving fast and being energetic. You know, peppy.

If that didn’t convince you, how do you explain cheerleaders? Haven’t you noticed how spirited cheerleaders are on the sidelines? Rumor also has it, they actually have Dr Pepper® in those water bottles of theirs. Beside the point, why else do you think cheerleaders are also referred to as a pep squad? Pep. That’s why.