Diet Pepsi®

Diet Pepsi®

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Diet Pepsi®

Hey, Diet Pepsi® Is Its Own Thing

Being a younger sibling has its privileges…sometimes. Diet Pepsi® knows this all too well, being the little bro and all.

Usually your parents know what they're doing by the time you roll around, which generally makes them more chill. Whenever you mess up, it’s pretty easy to pass the blame onto your older brother or sister since it’s more likely that whatever you did, would probably have been something they did. Plus, that older sibling will probably hand down some street smarts, making you fully equipped to be an early contender for the high school cool club. The flip side is that you are constantly compared to your familial predecessor. Which, okay, that can get old pretty fast. Again, Diet Pepsi® knows this all too well. To all you younger brothers and sisters of the world, Diet Pepsi® understands your plight. Because it shares a name with the older Pepsi®, it’s perpetually living in that big blue shadow. It may seem innocent, but as any younger sibling understands, “…like Pepsi” can be trying. Really, it should be “…tastes exactly like you’d expect awesome things to taste. One example of something at the level of peak awesome we’re talking about is Diet Pepsi’s close relative of Pepsi®, which is similar, but ultimately a completely different beverage with an entirely different personality.” If you don’t understand the difference between those two phrases, then you clearly don’t know what it’s like to hear “Hey, you’re _______’s little brother huh?” or like “OMG, you’re exactly like your older sister!” JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE SAME NAME, TASTE SIMILAR, AND LOOK LIKE EACH OTHER, DOESN’T MEAN DIET PEPSI® IS JUST ANOTHER PEPSI®! DIET PEPSI® IS ITS OWN DRINK WITH ITS OWN FEELINGS! (Breathing heavily). Seriously, this is why rebellious phases happen.
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