The Greatest Crunchwrap

Crunchwraps are hot right now, and as they should be. They’re crunchy, yet still soft and chewy somehow. They fit everything you could possibly want or need into a one-handed meal. They’re the new “it” thing for a reason. Yet, as more and more crunchwraps enter the crunchwrap game, they will always fall slightly short in their crunchwrappedness because of the Crunchwrap Supreme.

With meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a crunchy tostada shell for extra loud chewability, this is the Cruchwrap that made all the Crunchwrap rules. When the A.M. Crunchwrap does interviews, it talks about how it used to have a Crunchwrap Supreme poster in its childhood bedroom. While certain other meal OGs are booking shows at regional casinos to help pay for rent, the Crunchwrap Supreme is golfing on its own island. Universities offer the Crunchwrap Supreme honorary doctorates just so that it will speak at invocation. Yes, we’re all lucky to be alive to see the original Crunchwrap Supreme look down on us.