The Rules of Burritos

Everyone knows that the best burritos have time-tested rules.

The first rule of burritos is that burritos are best when they’re also quesadillas. Hence why the Quesarito exists. We start with a quesadilla, and then treat that quesadilla like a burrito, full of seasoned beef, creamy chipotle sauce, reduced fat sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, and Latin rice. Now you may be wondering why this is even a burrito rule when it seems a lot more like a loose opinion. Fair question. But as we’re sure you’re aware, the second rule of burritos is that there are no rules to burritos. So technically, it’s OK for that first rule to be a little loose on the rule scale. Now that we think of it, technically the first rule of burritos doesn’t even exist, but it does exist at the same time, since the rule that “there are no rules to burritos” is actually the second rule of burritos. Confused? Yeah, us too. Who wrote these rules anyway?