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Popular Upgrades

Jalapeño Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers +$0.50 |Adds 5 Cal
Onions +$0.35 |0
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream +$0.70 |Adds 20 Cal
Tomatoes +$0.60 |0

What's Included

Add Ons

Beans +$0.55 |Adds 60 Cal
Black Beans
Black Beans +$0.30 |Adds 50 Cal
Chicken +$1.40 |Adds 45 Cal
Jalapeño Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers +$0.50 |Adds 5 Cal
Lettuce +$0.50 |0
Onions +$0.35 |0
Potatoes +$0.80 |Adds 100 Cal
Seasoned Beef
Seasoned Beef +$0.90 |Adds 70 Cal
Seasoned Rice
Seasoned Rice +$0.35 |Adds 50 Cal
Steak +$1.60 |Adds 60 Cal
Three-Cheese Blend
Three-Cheese Blend +$0.55 |Adds 25 Cal
Tomatoes +$0.60 |0


Avocado Ranch Sauce
Avocado Ranch Sauce +$0.55 |Adds 80 Cal
Chipotle Sauce
Chipotle Sauce +$0.45 |Adds 80 Cal
Creamy Jalapeño Sauce
Creamy Jalapeño Sauce +$0.55 |Adds 80 Cal
Guacamole +$1.00 |Adds 40 Cal
Mexican Pizza Sauce
Mexican Pizza Sauce +$0.30 |Adds 10 Cal
Nacho Cheese Sauce
Nacho Cheese Sauce +$0.85 |Adds 30 Cal
Red Sauce
Red Sauce +$0.35 |Adds 10 Cal
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream +$0.70 |Adds 20 Cal
Spicy Ranch
Spicy Ranch +$0.50 |Adds 70 Cal

Chili Vibes Only

The Chili Cheese Burrito comes from a comforting place

If you’re a Taco Bell® lover, you know how special it is that you find yourself here at this very moment. Not to boost your ego too much (it’s cool, you totally deserve it) but we consider you something of a Chosen One. Because, these days, not everyone gets to experience the wonders of the iconic Chili Cheese Burrito.

Some fans must search far and wide in hopes of getting their hands on this gem. If you’re reading this, you’re officially in the inner circle. Perfectly spiced seasoned beef and melty, shredded cheddar cheese are within your reach.

You may feel a sense of nostalgia every time you take a bite. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be experiencing these chill chili feelings for the first time. Either way, you’ll realize you’re taking part in something special. Like a warm bowl of chili in the wintertime, the Chili Cheese Burrito is nothing short of soul-soothing.

Find your burrito at participating locations for a limited time.