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Thank You, Nebraska.

Seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and seasoned rice make for a pretty fantastic burrito in its own right, but when you add that corny x‐factor, Fritos® corn chips, you get a very special kind of crunch. For this, we all owe Nebraska big time. Why? Well, have you ever driven through Nebraska? You literally get on the 80 and drive through 400 miles of straight­up cornfields. We’re pretty sure that the number needed to describe the true magnitude of corn kernels in Nebraska doesn’t even exist. Sure, they have more than enough to go around, but this also means that Nebraska probably could have used that real estate for something else. Instead, they mastered the corn game and we can appreciate the fruits of their labor, in the form of a corny, crunchy, wildly delicious burrito. So thank you, Nebraska, keep on husking.

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