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The Jorts Of Caffeinated Beverages

Iced coffee exists for basically one major reason, so that on hot days, you can get a nice jolt of caffeine without the heat. You know, it’s a lot like jorts. You probably love wearing jeans, since jeans are obviously the best. But if you wear them in the summer, you’re propably spending the rest of the day looking like a marathon runner on the 20th mile. Luckily, not unlike Taco Bell® iced coffee, jorts give you a much cooler adaptation of something you love. And in the same way that people enviously stare at your Taco Bell iced coffee when you walk down the street on a hot day, strangers stare at you and think, “Man, that guy’s got it made with those totally cool jorts.” At least that's what we hope when they point and whisper to their friends.

Iced Coffee shown with one serving of creamer (Add 25 Cal)