Breakfast Soft Taco’ish

You’ve probably noticed from the picture that we’ve taken some major liberties with the word “taco” here.

Sure, it’s KIND of a taco, but it’s also KIND of a quesadilla. As a flat, folded breakfast filled with eggs, breakfast meat, and real cheddar cheese, it’s also KIND of an omelette, we guess. So if you really need to get caught up on in semantics, then you’re more than welcome to call it a Tacomelledilla, but that just sounds ridiculous. After all, we do call ourselves TACO Bell, so when it comes to naming ambiguously shaped breakfasts with delicious but vague attributes, we’re probably going to just name it “taco” and call it a day. Let's be honest...once you eat it, you’re just going to call it “awesome” anyway.