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Replace dairy and mayo-sauces with pico de gallo

The Cool Side Of Supreme

Reduced-fat sour cream is pretty cool. Literally. It’s the perfect sensorial balance to all the hot, crunchy, and spicy ingredients that make up many Taco Bell® classics.

Take, for example, the Crunchwrap® Supreme. The seasoned beef, tostada shell, and nacho cheese sauce are the stars. But they are effortlessly complemented by the trifecta of perfection that is lettuce, tomatoes, and—you guessed it—reduced-fat sour cream. It’s a team player. So much so, that it has an entirely different name when paired with tomatoes: Supreme. A title like that is earned, not given.

See for yourself how reduced-fat sour cream lives up to the hype by upgrading your favorites.

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