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Make It Your Own

Make itFresco Adds 0 Cal
Make it
Replace dairy and mayo-sauces with pico de gallo

Fun To Eat, But Really Fun To Say

Say it out loud with us. Guacamole! Yeaaaaah, you feel that rush? It’s like the linguistic equivalent to a block party in your mouth every time you say it. Your tongue is basically high-fiving your teeth every time you say it. Add the fact that our guacamole is made with real Haas avocados and you’ve got a taste-bud symphony going on here.

Hmm…maybe we change the word “party” to guacamole? This guacamole is totally rocking! Yeah, that sounds a little better. Actually, let’s just leave the words in their original form. But between us, we’ll use them as the same word. It’ll be our secret because we’re the ones who really know that guacamole is a total party.

Available at participating locations.