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Women's History Month Spotlight

Nakari P. (She/Her) - Assistant General Manager, Franchise Org. Tacala

Another month, another celebration! March is dedicated as Women’s History Month in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia and many other parts of the world. In 1982, Women’s History Week was officially launched in the United States, and eventually turned into a month-long event in 1987.

This year’s theme for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. So, to honor and celebrate the courageous women of the world (and at The Bell!), we will continue to tell their stories and amplify their voices. We hope that they not only educate, but also inspire inclusion and drive positive impact in your community to uplift those around you.

Nakari P. is a proud African American, woman, Live Más Scholar and assistant general manager (#034248) at Taco Bell Franchise Org. Tacala.

When it comes to celebrating women and giving thanks to her biggest inspiration, the first person that comes to Nakari’s mind is her mother.

“My mother is a smart, kind and courageous woman who has done so much for the people around her. What I admire the most is that even when taking care of an entire family, she still went back to school to further her career. She was a literature professor for years until she got her PhD. Now, she’s a therapist and teaches mental health and counseling.”

Although Nakari has been surrounded by empowering women such as her mother, she has faced stereotypes because of her ethnicity and gender.

”There were a lot of people who felt I couldn’t do my job because ‘women are too emotional’ or ‘not strong enough’. Adding my African American heritage to that, I’ve been seen as inadequate.”

However, these experiences have taught her to be stronger, face challenges head-on and continue creating an inclusive environment for those around her.

“Despite what people say, I hold my head high and make direct eye contact with those I meet, counteracting all the preconceived notions that society has created. I continue to share this with people who have had similar experiences.”

Nakari’s determination has gotten her to where she is today! Since moving to Alabama and finding Taco Bell, Nakari has held different positions which have enhanced her leadership skills. On top of that, becoming a Taco Bell Foundation Live Más Scholar and pursuing an education in physical therapy has empowered her even more.

“When I found out that I was being awarded the Live Más Scholarship, I was extremely excited! Being the only one from my family that resides in Alabama was financially difficult, but this award has taken that weight off my shoulders. Since joining the scholar community, I’ve grown so much, learning from those around me.”

    If Nakari could share three things with young women navigating life just like her, it would be the following:
  • Believe that you can achieve your dreams no matter what anyone thinks or how hard the path might be. Have faith in what you’re doing!
  • Be PROUD of yourself and what you’ve accomplished. You are your biggest cheerleader.
  • Look to those around you for guidance. Sometimes, all you need is support from other women to motivate yourself and strive for the greatest. We’re all stronger together.
Women's History Month Spotlight
Women's History Month Spotlight