Who are the WomXn @ The Bell
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Who are the WomXn @ The Bell?

Learn more about this ERG, their anniversary and what they do to bring their peers together.

Taco Bell has a long list of incredible womxn who defy odds, persevere and help make bold magic happen at The Bell. Last year, Nation’s Restaurant News even wrote an article about WomXn @ The Bell. Since then, this employee resource group (ERG) has continued working towards their main mission: to develop womxn leaders to be seen and heard and provide opportunities for womxn to expand boundaries and engagement.

So, how do they do it? Connecting, supporting, volunteering, recognizing, serving and providing.

They connect with other members through engaging in “pulse” conversations, which allows everyone to learn about one specific member and then that member passes the baton to another member of the group. They also created a “blind networking” process that opens doors for members to connect with others within the company that they don’t directly work with or maybe they have interest in what they do either inside or outside of work – the possibilities are endless. These two avenues are great ways to learn about one another in a new and exciting way.

They support the group by participating in events, joining each meeting for deep discussion and being there for one another during unprecedented times. That’s what WomXn @ The Bell do; we are there to support no matter what.

They share volunteer opportunities on their internal WomXn @ The Bell page to keep everyone in the ERG in the know about what they can do to help the community as well as provide an open forum for members to showcase other organizations or groups they help along the way.

They recognize each other every chance they get. The peers they recognize have active participation within the Womxn @ The Bell community and/or Taco Bell as a whole, demonstrate allyship by supporting the ERG’s achievements or advancement, inspire, coach, mentor and lead others through strong commitment, help to break barriers and use their voice to bring others along on the journey, and get real, lead with heart and aren't afraid to fail. All things that make them one of a kind.

They serve by holding a position within the ERG to share ideas, show their interest in making a real change in their communities, and so much more.

They provide feedback because they want their ERG and Taco Bell to continuously learn and grow. They believe that if they hear from their members on all things, they can make a real change in their community and beyond.

That’s what our Womxn @ The Bell have been up to this past year. Now that they have one year under their belt, they’re excited to expand their duties and do even more for their members, the community and reach beyond other possibilities.

We also wanted to give a shout-out to the committee members of WomXn @ The Bell...

  • Brynn P., Co-development Leader/Founder
  • Tiffany F., Co-development Leader
  • Katelyn Z., Communications Leader
  • Araceli S., Events & Social Calendar Leader
  • Orly S., Admin/Treasurer
  • Rebecca C., Co-Events & Outreach Leader
  • Jill W., Co-Events & Outreach Leader
  • Kimberly B., Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Sponsor/Founder
  • Jennifer B., Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Sponsor
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