The People Who Make a Legacy
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The People Who Make a Legacy

This year, Taco Bell celebrates 60 years as a company, and we couldn’t have done it without our teams. It’s the hardworking and Restlessly Creative Taco Bell team members who have helped make Taco Bell the successful global brand it is today; a great example of this is Urbano Jurado.

Urbano was a General Manager (GM) from Texas who unfortunately passed away December of 2020. Urbano was part of the Taco Bell family for over 20 years and, in the words of his peers, was an exceptional GM that always worked with a smile. His Area Coach, Lucia L., spoke of her time working with Urbano saying, “My visits with him were as easy as it could get. It was like I wasn’t working since he was always on top of his routines and priorities as a General Manager. His standards were set high, and he would always do his best to achieve them consistently. He was a strict but fair leader; he would hold the team accountable but also provided them with advice and opportunities to redeem mistakes. He was highly admired and loved.” 

His hard work and consistency were not only recognized by those he worked with but also by Taco Bell, as Urbano was a multiple time, back-to-back Golden Bell winner. At Golden Bell, only the best of the best GM are awarded a destination trip to celebrate their amazing achievements, and Urbano was one of them.

Above: Urbano and his wife.

A fellow GM, Araceli, mentioned, “He was genuine, caring, and with an outstanding humor that identified him. His team at restaurant #019215 remember him as the ‘best boss ever’ and miss him dearly as both a boss and as a friend. He always did things with his heart and treated his team as family. The team describes days at 019215 as filled with laughter and joy, never boring, yet always on top of things assuring great work culture. Urbano will always be in the team's hearts as everyone had nothing but incredible things to say about him and his work. Urbano was an excellent father, GM, friend, and peer.”

Above: Urbano’s children, Fer and Alan, at Taco Bell.

Along with being a major part of his Taco Bell family, Urbano played an active role in his own family. He was a father to his two children Fernanda “Fer” and Alan, who have followed their father's footsteps and also joined the Taco Bell family. Today, Fer is working as a trainer for her location in El Paso, TX and is working towards achieving her master's degree. Alan is a food champion and is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Business, hoping to become a successful and respected leader like his father. As the legacy continues, Fer and Alan continue to make strides towards their future goals and do everything their father wanted them to achieve.

The Taco Bell family is saddened by the loss of one of our own but are grateful for the time he spent with us. Thank you to the dedicated employees, like Urbano and his family, that make Taco Bell the company that it is today.

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