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17 Tattoos That Prove Taco Bell Love Is Forever

Now that's dedication.

Got any ink? These days people get tattoos for all kinds of reasons - tradition, self-expression, or maybe an impulse on a Saturday night. Sometimes people even get inked to show off their love for someone or something - like Taco Bell®. Check out 17 of our favorite Taco Bell inspired tattoos from fans who have proven their love for the brand is the real deal:

1. @Felixx1990
When people ask where you want to eat

2. @hlncrnsln
We’re looking Helen and we’re loving what we see.

3. @JessicaElla

4. @Devinstoneage
Working 7 years at Taco Bell + Learning to Tattoo =


5. @Jakerawr
Married to Taco Bell.

6. @FaChristina
We love them, too.

7. @kittylynnn
Forever and ever, bae.


8. @Space_bread
We’ll always think of you whenever we eat Doritos Locos Tacos.


9. @little_dusty_tattoos
Words of wisdom.


10. @themachzatthews
You did a very awesome thing.


11. @ingrid_elaine
The secret’s in the ink.


12. @merviking
All the feels.


13. @mooonyeka<
We look good together.


14. @bajashouta
We’ve been saved by this sleeve.


15. @elijahdaniel
You don’t joke about true love.

16. @sarahteegs
You’ll be waiting a long time, Sarah.


17. @pizzasharktattoo
Okay, this one’s out of this world.


If you took a photo of your Taco Bell tattoo, tag it on social media using #TacoBellTattoos.


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