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It’s Time to ReBELL Against Tuesday Tradition

Because tacos are made for any day of the week.

For ages, we’ve been told to keep a particular day of the week on a taco pedestal. That one day is better than the others to enjoy tacos with your friends and family… but, why? “Because that’s how it’s always been done” is no longer a suitable answer. Times have changed. Society has changed.

As a brand, we have a responsibility to challenge status quo. To defend against calendar bias. To point out something so unjust, others don’t want us to talk about it (it’s a trademark thing – Google it). But you know how the saying goes: if you want to make a taco, you gotta bend some tortillas. So here it goes…

Taco Tuesday.

Sure, #TacoTuesday looks great when it comes to alliteration hashtags, but how do you think the other six days of the week feel?

You don’t have a Monday Mother. Or a Friday Friend. You make the moments count with those you love most -- no matter the day of the week. Tacos should be no exception. At Taco Bell we think it’s time to reBELL. To bond with friends over your love for soft, hard shell or Doritos Locos tacos any day of the week.

Tacos are TOO good to be shackled to just one day. Tacos should be for be ANY day.

So here’s to you Taco Monday. Good on ya Taco Wednesday. Taco Thursday, we see you. Taco Friday? Yup. Taco Saturday, Taco Sunday -- please and thank you.

It’s time for you and your friends to live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.


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