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Taco Bell’s Kitchen: Behind the Scenes of Our Menu Blast Competition

I’m usually one to kick back and turn on a sports channel, but recently I’ve noticed that there’s something special about cooking competitions that I’ve been drawn to ever since starting at Taco Bell. And now I think I know why…they embody Restless Creativity. Those shows reveal just how much resourceful creativity can come out of pursuing the seemingly impossible. The more surprise ingredients, wacky challenges and less time, the more captivating the show and the better the results.

At Taco Bell, we’re always looking for ways to help others tap into their own Restless Creativity. So, we started our own cooking competition here at headquarters: Menu Blast.We have a fantastic dedicated Food Innovation Team, but we know the best ideas can come from anyone. We invited three non-culinary corporate employees down to the Taco Bell Test Kitchen for some craveable creativity: Kim W. (Technology); Julie S. (Operations); and Laura L. (Legal).

Don’t scroll past the video unless you want to reveal the champion. Oh, and don’t watch while hungry…

You’re craving Taco Bell now, aren’t you? Or maybe you want to try your hand at a fajita veggie burrito creation. Our people here at the Bell continue to wow me with their thirst for innovation, from their Legal prowess to their elote chili ingenuity.

Our first-ever Menu Blast winner, Laura, embodies that innovative drive, and I’m honored to get to work alongside her brilliance. She’s one of the many women who move our brand forward every single day.

For the record, I’m seeing what I can do to make pineapple lime Cinnabon Delights® more than just a winning concoction.

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