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Taco Bell Wallpapers That Give Your Phone a Facelift

And make you check your phone 20x more a day.

Phone wallpapers are basically an extension of yourself… So finding one that matches your aesthetic is key. Which is why we decided to create a new set of wallpapers, for the person who loves Taco Bell as much as their phone. If you’re going to stare at your phone all day long, might as well stare at beautiful tacos and burritos.

Here are 18 new wallpapers to upgrade your home screen. Download and save each one by holding down on the image:

Taco Bell Wallpaper-1 Taco Bell Wallpaper-2 Taco Bell Wallpaper-3 Taco Bell Wallpaper-4 Taco Bell Wallpaper-5 Taco Bell Wallpaper-6 Taco Bell Wallpaper-7 Taco Bell Wallpaper-8 Taco Bell Wallpaper-9 Taco Bell Wallpaper-10 Taco Bell Wallpaper-11 Taco Bell Wallpaper-12 Taco Bell Wallpaper-13 Taco Bell Wallpaper-14 Taco Bell Wallpaper-15 Taco Bell Wallpaper-16 Taco Bell Wallpaper-17 Taco Bell Wallpaper-18

If you’re lovin’ these new wallpapers as much as us, screenshot and tag it on social media using #TacoBellWallpapers.


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