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15 Amazing Taco Bell Works of Art

#10 is truly a másterpiece.

For some people it’s difficult to express the things they love in words---so, they end up making stickers, painting parking spaces and creating pillows. Or at least that’s what some Taco Bell fans do. Here are 15 amazing Taco Bell works of art that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. @carsonbeedavis
Taco Bell artwork: The difference between a house and a home.

2. @victographs
So take me with you...

3. @bellakonie2012
We wouldn’t expect anything less.

4. @acetroy
Street art meets Taco Bell.

5. @danis_juliam & @youBFFrobin
Our kind of pillow talk.

6. @marcellachristie
We thought Taco Bell was your favorite pastime?

7. @shaneharris
We need these stickers ASAP.

8. @_lizzurd_
How else would you spend your spare time?

9. @sarahbarthdrew
Home is where the Taco Bell is.

10. @jimbachor
A saucy mosaic másterpiece, if we do say so ourselves.

11. @kimbeetheartbee
More like all the time.

12. @jacob_cates
If only all parking spots were this beautiful.

13. @GIFChaseH

Who knew florals went so well with Mexican Pizzas?


14. @IzzyHitch

We’re glad you’re putting your extra sauce packets to good use.


This is a twist we’re all about.

If you’ve created a Taco Bell másterpiece, tag it on social using #TacoBellArt.


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