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Messy & Beautiful

We’re not just talking about your date night with Taco Bell. We’re talking about Taco Bell Canada’s latest campaign.

Taco Bell is crunchy, cheesy, messy, and spicy – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s no secret that we value celebrating everyone and everything for being just the way they are, and to do that, we’re making room at the table for all people and voices. 

Taco Bell Canada recently put together this beautiful and messy masterpiece because all the things that make us messy… make us beautiful. 

They partnered with production house Soft Citizen who is dedicated to working with and hiring LGBTQ+ and racially underrepresented talent in Canada, the director was a young female director (Mashie A.), and all the talent included so much of our generation, including the deaf or hard of hearing community. 

While Taco Bell Canada recently launched this campaign in their market in an effort to share the indescribable love of Taco Bell, they’re excited to keep the message alive with the hope that every time someone is eating at Taco Bell, they’re reminded that their meal is a beautiful mess… and that makes it even better.

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