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Creator Spotlight: Lizzie Darden

Lizzie’s her name. Puns are her game.

If you look at one of your social media accounts right now, you probably follow hundreds of people. But have you really had the chance to get to know them? Social media has connected us to some of the most talented YouTubers, bloggers, photographers, and artists and we’re ready to take our relationships to the next level. In this series, we’ll spotlight creators that we follow on social media and bond over our love for Taco Bell.

To kick off this series, we’re diving into the pastel world of Lizzie Darden. Lizzie is a photographer and product stylist from Jacksonville, Florida. Her signature work focuses on cheeky puns and bizarre surrealism. But before you switch over to Instagram to follow Lizzie (don’t worry, we’ll remind you at the end), here are 10 things you should know about Lizzie Darden.

1. Why did you become interested in photography and design?
Lizzie Darden: I majored in graphic design in college, but I’ve always had an interest in an artistic path. I’ve hopped around from jewelry making, to painting and drawing, and most recently I’ve found my passion for photography.

2. What inspires your creativity?
LD: It sounds cliche, but everything really! Creativity is like a muscle that develops with time and practice, and after working with puns and wordplay for so long it’s kind of hard to turn it off. I think and dream in puns now, haha. So even the most seemingly mundane things, like taking a walk through the park, can spark an idle idea.

3. What’s your favorite aspect about creating?
LD: I love the challenge of taking an abstract concept that exists only in my mind and translating it into something tangible that anyone can look at and feel and enjoy. It’s really satisfying and exciting to put something out in the world and have it start a conversation.

4. How would you describe your style?
LD: Surreal, feminine, slightly weird, and always bright and fun.

5. What project are you most proud of?
LD: My book, Punemployed! It’s a small coffee table book with some of my favorite photos I’ve created, coupled with fun typography. Up until the book, my photos have only existed on-screen, so it’s cool to see them in a physical format and actually hold them.

6. When and why did you start posting to social media?
LD: I started posting my photography to Instagram a little over two years ago just for fun. I had started experimenting with creating punny-lettering out of food and Instagram seemed like a quick, easy way to upload it somewhere and create a mini gallery for myself. I definitely never expected it to snowball into this career, but it’s been an awesome journey!

7. Why are you a Taco Bell fan?
LD: Taco Bell’s food is obviously delicious, but I’m also a fan of how they connect with their community and give back with the Taco Bell Foundation’s Live Más Scholarship. You can tell they value artists and young creatives and I really appreciate that.

8. Tell us your favorite Taco Bell moment.
LD: Visiting Taco Bell’s Flagship Restaurant in Las Vegas! It was my first trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and we made sure it was our first stop. Giant Baja Blast Freezes were the best way to kick off our vacation!

9. What’s your favorite menu item?
LD: It’s a tie between the Power Menu Bowl with chicken and the Naked Chicken Chips!

10. What do you hope to achieve in the future?
LD: I want to push the boundaries of my work past the screen and past the four edges of a photo, and hopefully venture into creating experiences and three-dimensional installations.

We promised we would remind you…Follow Lizzie Darden on Instagram at @lizzie_darden and check out her latest work on Taco Bell’s Instagram.

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