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This Happened: I Sat In The Live Más Student Section

Giving the biggest game in College Football back to the biggest fans.

Four years ago, Taco Bell decided to give the biggest game in College Football back to the biggest fans…the students. That’s why we created the Live Más Student Section - a section in the College Football Playoff games reserved especially for 500 students of each school and we cover the costs for their tickets. We also throw an awesome tailgate party… but we’ll get to that later.

In 2017, we hung out with Ashley Pendergist, a Clemson University student who won tickets, to hear what it was like to sit in the Live Más Student Section and watch her school compete in the big game.

Q: How did you hear about The Live Más Student Section?
Ashley Pendergist: My brother entered the Taco Bell contest in 2016 and won as well. He graduated last May and when we had the opportunity to go back to the National Championship this year, he told me I had to enter because it was an amazing opportunity given only to college students.

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you won tickets to the National College Football Championship Game?
AP: I was sitting in my room packing my things up to head back to school when I got the email. Excitement and shock came over me and I started screaming that I was going to the National Championship over and over again!

Q: How did you decide who to bring with you to the big game?
AP: My brother is one of the biggest Clemson football fans out there and because he told me about the competition, there was not a doubt in my mind who I would take. I also knew I could pick his brain throughout the game to learn more about the sport we both love so much.

Photo2 Ashley completing her game day look at our face painting station.

Q: So, what was it like to tailgate with Taco Bell?
AP: I could eat Taco Bell all day, every day, so being able to get 5 free tacos was an immediate plus of the tailgate. I thought it was the perfect mix of activities for college students and a great meeting spot for all of my classmates and me to enjoy live music and fun.

Photo3 We brought the taco truck to the tailgate. Obviously.

Q: Do you have a favorite game day tradition?
The entire atmosphere of being a Clemson student is a huge tradition. There are so many different rituals and cheers we do throughout the game. My favorite ritual actually started my freshman year at Clemson, when we hit the 4th quarter, and everyone turned on their phone flashlights. The flashlight escapade became such a big ritual that we have done it at every away game and bowl game as well. It makes every game feel like a home football game.

Photo4 If you don’t play Cornhole, did you really tailgate?

Q: Describe what it felt like to be in the Live Más Student Section.
Being a part of The Live Más Student Section created an atmosphere extremely similar to being at a home football game. I love my school and all of the crazy dedicated fans (me being one of them) that come with it.

Photo5 Ashley striking a pose in our photo booth. She was a natural.

Q: How amazing was it to watch your school win the College Football National Championship title?
AP: It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Not many college students can say they have witnessed their team clinch a National Championship and even fewer can say they were there at the actual game when it happened.

Q: Any closing thoughts?
AP: I just want to thank Taco Bell again for giving me the chance to cheer on the Clemson Tigers at the National Championship game. I was able to experience history with all of my classmates and family, and I could not be more thankful.

Stay tuned to see what we do at the College Football Playoffs next.

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